Camarillo Teen Arrested | Suspected of Using SUV in Assaults – Rammed CHP Vehicle

Ventura County Sheriff – Incident Press Release  

A Camarillo teen was arrested Thursday evening after he committed a series of assaults using a sport utility vehicle to collide with multiple other vehicles, including a California Highway Patrol car. At least two motorists were injured, including a CHP officer.

The incident began in an apartment complex in the 700-block of Paseo Camarillo, where 18 year old Camarillo resident, Carlos Lozano took his mother’s SUV and collided with two parked vehicles in the complex. Lozano immediately left the area after the collision. His parents went outside and contacted the owners of the vehicles to discuss how they would handle the situation. Lozano returned to the area and deliberately drove the SUV toward his parents, who were standing in the driveway near the carport. Lozano’s parents had to jump out of the way in order to avoid being struck by the vehicle.

After narrowly missing his parents, Lozano collided with a third parked vehicle and a support pillar on the carport, causing heavy damage to the structure. Lozano drove away toward the US 101 Freeway. As he drove southbound on US 101, Lozano used the SUV to collide with a vehicle at Carmen Drive and another vehicle at Pleasant Valley Road.

Lozano continued driving southbound on the freeway until he neared the top of the Conejo Grade, where he used the SUV to collide with a California Highway Patrol car that was parked behind a stranded vehicle on the right shoulder near the weigh station.

A CHP officer and the stranded motorist were injured as a result of the collision, and both of the vehicles were heavily damaged. Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene shortly after the collision and arrested Lozano.

Based on witness statements and evidence gathered during the investigation, it was apparent that Lozano’s attempt to run down his parents using the SUV and the collisions that occurred afterward on the freeway were deliberate acts. As a result, Lozano faces six counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, including one count against a peace officer.

Lozano was treated at an area hospital for minor injuries and later booked at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Ventura.

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