L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise: The AR-15, Threat or Menace?

A Warning To Gun-Grabbers


By L. Neil Smith

The infamous AR-15 rifle and its several variants, such as the M16, the CAR-15, the XM 177E1, and the M4 Carbine, manufactured by Colt and many others, is probably the worst military rifle the United States has issued since the 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield got George Armstrong Custer and his men killed at the Little Big Horn. Ballistically, it hasn’t much more real striking power than a .357 Magnum, not a good thing in a battlefield weapon. Our enemies in the last couple of wars have had far better ordnance.

I was at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida in the 1960s where the AR-15 was first demonstrated to the public, and it was obvious, even then, that it was a Robert S. McNamara-style lemon, unreliable and massively under-powered, compared to the M14 — a 20-round magazine version of the M1 Garand that George S. Patton called “the greatest battle implement ever devised” — that it was tragically replacing.

However despite its many and various shortcomings, the AR-15 seems to have won the hearts of ordinary Americans when I wasn’t looking. There’s one standing beside my desk this minute as I write this. It’s relatively lightweight, splendidly accurate, and produces almost no recoil. Females who try it usually love it, and they have adopted the AR-15 as _their_ rifle. I have a file of hundreds of photos of women and girls shooting the AR-15, mostly with big grins across their faces, and I’ve witnessed the same phenomenon in real life.

On the other hand, the AR-15 has been associated recently with a number of church and school shootings — not to leave out Las Vegas — which has caused the weaker-minded among the media and the political set  (i.e., all of them) and the weaker-willed among the rest of the populace to begin wailing that “something” must be done. Since “something” was done to cause the problem in the first place, that “something” must now be _undone_ and very quickly if we are to save lives. Some churches have begun the process already, urging their congregations to come _armed_ to services.

For decades, you and yours, my darling little snowflakes, have been systematically sodomized — buggered; look it up — by the “authorities”, those social and political “benefactors” who have created “gun free zones” around you so that homicidal criminals can murder you easily, without fear of retaliation. Your “authorities” are nothing but enablers and accessories in the brutal killing of little children. Theyare the ultimate child-abusers. The rest of us are no longer willing to pay for your butt stupid gullibility with our own lives or the lives of our kids. These “authorities” of yours are exactly the same type of
specimen that our ancestors threw out on their powdered asses in the late 1700s, and it’s long past time to throw them out again.

History lesson: the Second Amendment was written by America’s Founders to reserve for us the physical means to resist the tyranny of government. And it works pretty well: the historian in me can think of more than one presidential administration that would almost certainly have oppressed Americans if it hadn’t known how well armed we are. Just remember how frightened they all were by the Vietnam anti-war movement, or the Tea Party marches. Our “leaders” all  looked and sounded just like Beaker from Muppet Labs.

Gun Free Zones must be outlawed, and not only teachers and other adults trained and armed to protect the children, but, self-defense being an individual bodily function that cannot be delegated,  the children must be trained and armed to protect themselves. I’ll repeat that to make sure you get it: children must be trained and armed to protect themselves.

But there are other advantages, as well, to an armed populace and its guns. The only way to deal with any terrorist, foreign or domestic, is to _kill_ him dead before he kills us, and we must therefore be equipped, both physically with the right weapons  and mentally with the right attitude, to do that, every single time one of them attacks our civilization. Let him live and the corrupt, perverted media will make a martyr, a victim,  and a sick kind of hero out of him. Dead, he’s just a silent corpse.

Does that idea upset you and leave you on your soft, yellow belly on the ground, trying desperately to crawl away to a “safe space”? Better learn right away, snowflake, that there are _no_ safe spaces; all there are are free-fire zones for the murderous maniacs that you and your “authorities” have created. One of them lets go on a crowd that _you_ have rendered helpless, sprays them down with hot lead, and all you can do is wail and whimper that guns must be forbidden to everybody who _didn’t_ hurt anybody. Punish the innocent. Do you still wonder why everyone around you thinks you’re a moron?

Go ahead and march your little marches. George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, those professional enemies of everything American, will pick up the tab — at the low, low price of your soul. Wave your idiot placards around and lobby your bucket-headed representatives. But there’s gonna be a cost this time. As I’ve said elsewhere, Americans have obeyed their last gun law. What are you going to do, if we won’t comply with your infantile demands, shoot us? Hold you breath until you turn blue? Exactly how many of us do you plan to shoot to achieve your twisted idea of peace? How the hell are you going to shoot us if you can’t stand guns? Are you aware that, between us, we own three quarters of a billion of them? How many do you own?

If you take nothing else from this essay, then understand this clearly: from now on, every single time one of your side argues, agitates, marches for, or otherwise demands that weapons be controlled or banned, our side will argue, agitate, march for, or otherwise demand the complete legalization — as is consistent with the Second Amendment — of fully-automatic weapons: machine guns. I’ll repeat myself in hope of getting through your thick Prohibitionistic skull: every time one of your side argues, agitates, marches for, or  demands that weapons be controlled or banned, we will argue, agitate, march for, or demand the complete legalization — as is consistent with the Second Amendment — of fully-automatic weapons: machine guns. Better pass this on to your friends, so they’ll be warned, too.

Just think: when machine guns are legal, unregulated, and widely-distributed, you will have been responsible. Congratulations!

We have all the best talk shows, and our side can still read. You say you don’t like the influence of the National Rifle Association, which in my experience is a timorous appeasing gaggle of surrender-monkeys, the oldest and largest gun control organization in the world? How are you going to like having to deal with hardened outfits like Gun Owners of America, or Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership? How about the NMGA — the National Machine Gun Association — which I may be starting up today?

Our path is clear. Any politician who gives any support of any kind to any “gun control” measure whatsoever must be “primaried” by more principled candidates. If Donald J. Trump, as rumored, has gone soft on victim disarmament, then he must be primaried, as well. Not only is the highest law of the land on our side, not only are bans on automatic weapons thoroughly illegal, imagine the results the next time terrorists (who get their guns from the government) foolishly decide to injure or kill Americans — equipped with machine guns.

L. Neil Smith

Celebrated and award-winning author of over 30 books and countless shorter pieces, L. Neil Smith is available, at professional rates, to write articles and speeches for you or your organization, providing that our principles are compatible. Contact him at lneil@netzero.com.

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