Open House: Center4SpecialNeeds — Helping Our Special Friends

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online arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>We are celebrating our five-year anniversary and are excited about many new opportunities that are being made available to the community. Effective Fall 2016, Center4SpecialNeeds will be undertaking an exciting new expansion project to grow our organization by offering on-site therapeutic programs and services.
Plus, in an effort to extend our reach and help a greater population of families, we are in the midst of creating a pilot program based in Orange County.


For inquiries, please contact us at

Center4SpecialNeeds is a parent-founded, non-profit organization comprised of a team of people who are all touched in some way with a child with special needs. Each person offers their own valuable insight, experience and abilities to the organization, thereby insuring a well-rounded perspective is maintained on all special needs matters. Our purpose is to build a foundation–eventually a multi-disciplinary center–that bridges the gaps for those children who fall between the cracks; the children who have developmental disabilities and do not qualify for regional center services and are not covered by insurance. We will enable parents to provide their children with the necessary treatments and interventions they require and deserve to reach their full potential.



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