4Paws4Patriots hits it out of the Vets’ Park

By Twila Le Page-Hughes

Many Military Vets come home from serving and saving our country, to a loving and understanding family.  However, some of our military veterans are so wounded, and under severe depression, feeling inadequate, –many times with PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder) due to the shock of being attacked while losing their comrades before their eyes, are broken and alone. We seem to have forgotten the aftermath of war. They will never forget it. 

So to aid the disabled, Tim Le Blanc, living in the Temecula area, he himself a wounded vet, developed the idea of the wounded vets picking out a dog at a shelter and then teaching them how to train the dog and themselves. All breeds of dogs are used in this program as different kinds appeal to different vets.   They just have to not bite nor be too aggressive, be in good health, and be willing to be trained.

These amazing dogs learn how to sense and smell chemical changes in their master and to let them know.  A dog can determine when a person is going to have a seizure way before they know it—due to the chemistry balance these dogs smell in their human’s body.  By alerting the vet they have time to take their anti-seizure meds.  Dogs have such a keen sense of smell. They also tug on the vet to remind him to take his meds or to get up in the morning. 

These dogs serve also as companions and give the wounded vets a reason to live.  Many wounded vets get very depressed and often commit suicide.  Tim Le Blanc told us that no vet in their program with the dogs has ever committed suicide, while the rate of suicide is high among returning wounded veterans. 

Galleria at Tyler, 4Paws4Vets Facebook

Some of the trainers are volunteers and also vets who trained their own dog, so they know how to help others.

There is no charge to the wounded vet or their families.  Sometimes vets in need of a service dog will train in their program, also. 

4paws4 patriots work with shelters to save dogs, not only providing them to help the wounded vets but to save the animals themselves and to lessen the number of dogs in the shelters. 

The volunteer trainers who work with the vets to train their own dog for obedience, directional socialization, public access and personalized task training, are often ones who went through the program themselves.   The program takes about a year to complete for each vet and dog– or longer. 

There are several chapters of 4 Paws for Patriots even in some other states. A generous patron recently donated $500,000 to buy some land for the program.  Now Tim says they have to raise enough money to build onto the land donated to them a building for patriots in bed, paralyzed and for paraplegics. Dogs can help these people, too.   

The South Bay Republican Women’s club, whom I am associated with, last year raised $1,000 for the program after Mr. Le Blanc spoke to us and brought his dog.  This year we raised $1500.

To any wounded Vet in need of a service dog and to train in their program or to donate to this worthy cause or to ask Tim to bring his dog and to speak to your organization.:

Tim Le Blanc, CEO 4paws4patriots  

 Main Headquarters

 27895 Diaz Rd. Ste B   Temecula, Ca 92590    Phone 951-565-0848   Tax ID 45-4839296  

 email:  tim@4paws4patriots.org.

Galleria at Tyler, 4Paws4Vets Facebook

Twila Le Page-Hughes is a writer, columnist, author and Program Chairman and Vice Pres. of South Bay Republican Women, who meet in Torrance, CA who has been interested in politics since age 11.  Her email is twllcc09@gmail.com

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