A wall? No Borders? Dems giving our U.S. away?


by Naomi Fisher

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

Instead of a select few doesn’t anyone else out there realize what the Democrat Party is doing?

They are blathering about Russian collusion and the Dem’s expect us to accept that smoke screen will lull us into believing it is more important than a wall to protect our Nation?

First of all, before he became our Pres., President Trump had business dealings in Russia. Second, Dems are taking way too much time and ignoring other, very important, critical issues. And, gee, look what Hillary HAD actually done. It was proven. Espionage and Treason. Yet she was still nominated a candidate for President. I wonder why the Dems did not go after her?

You see the problem here?

Now, the wall: When Obama was President, Pelosi strongly agreed we needed a wall. Now we have a Republican for President and we don’t need one? I know, a woman is allowed to change her mind. Right?

Not when she’s a Senator and Speaker of the House.

Not when she refuses to fulfill her oath of office and work toward the better good of our Nation and its citizens.

Not when we have 8,000 this time – count them – 8,000 refugees heading up through Mexico to our U.S. and is Pelosi worried? Guess not. She went on vacation!

Pelosi says that now she does NOT want a wall. SHE wants open borders. She does not say or  care what WE, the people of our fine Nation want.

President Trump stopped the other two waves of refugees coming from Mexico. We did not have the money or resources to accept them. Pelosi did not like that. She played the part of a bleeding heart. Did Pelosi ever spend a night at an unsecured spot of our border to watch drug runners? Or coyotes smuggling illegals across then abandoning them in an unforgiving desert? Or watch vehicles bringing in tied and gagged women and children for sex slaves?

I wonder if she would be so cavalier had she done so. But, apparently SHE does not see this new wave as a problem either. SHE went on vacation!

Also apparently Pelosi and her Minion Schumer have not read about the crime, riots and Government crises immigrants have caused in Spain, Germany and even England!

Hopefully a whole lot of you –  U.S. Citizens – have bothered to pay attention. Because then you would understand what we Citizens Journal columnists have been saying: Our U.S. cannot afford to let in undocumented, un-vetted, illegals. WE, our Nation, simply cannot afford them. WE cannot adequately house, feed and give medical aid to all of them. That is why we have entry points at our borders. And those are too few — and too inadequate for this new threat!

I beg you, if you have not read about the problems in Europe quickly do so. Then you will agree with our President. A wall is paramount. And needed quickly.

It cannot wait for Pelosi to bring herself home and tell her blind followers it’s okay to talk to and compromise with the Republican, President Trump.

Pelosi and minions want open borders. No check points between Canada, U.S. and Mexico! Wow! Welcome to the introduction of New World Order!

One Government! One monetary system!

No more California, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Florida or New York – or any other state! We would simply be residents of the one, same nation.

Is that what you really want you Democrats who are blindly following Pelosi? Are you really trying to sell our Nation out to that? No wall. Just open Borders.

Hitler said he wanted a larger United German Nation, a greater territory, at the expense of other nationalities who he saw as inferior.

Sound similar?

One has to wonder where the American Nazi Party fits into all this. After all, they are very active, alive and well in our U.S.

Does Pelosi realize she is playing into their hands? Does she care she is figuratively spitting on her oath of office? Does she care that by causing and encouraging expansion of a huge rift in our Congress she is actively tearing at the very fabric that keeps our U.S. intact – one Nation?

Pelosi has to know that constitutes TREASON!

Nancy Pelosi, Schumer and Feinstein should be recalled from office immediately!

As should any of their followers who are too blind or being paid off to care.

And the rest of the Democrats should get their act together, should start acting like Congressional members and help our President protect our country!

WE elected them. WE are paying them. To protect and preserve our Nation. And us!

Open US Borders

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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