Activists Attend LA County Sheriff’s Immigration Meeting To Keep ICE In LA County Prisons.



By Greg Aprahamian

Los Angeles anti illegal immigration activists attended the LA County Sheriff’s civilian oversight commissions ad hoc meeting in East LA to request that ICE remain in LA County Jails.

The Sheriff’s civilian oversight commission is reviewing LA County Sheriff’s Dept. immigration issues and policies.

As a result, the COC immigration ad hoc committee issued a call for speakers to obtain additional community input and feedback.

Many of the activist that attended this meeting thought that ICE had already been removed from all California Prisons, with the passage of SB54.  It was a very nice surprise  to find out that LA County is currently demonstrating a bit of sanity in this particular area, and currently still has an ICE presence in our County prisons.

We were informed that LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell is for the time being trying to keep ICE in LA County prisons.

How long we can keep ICE in LA County prisons is the great question.  Nevertheless it’s great to know that Sheriff Jim McDonnell is trying to keep ICE in our prisons.

We were told that the immigration ad hoc committee had influence over how the sheriff’s dept. Is operated and our source also told us that this commission was demanding that the ICE presence be removed from county jails. that the prison not assist ICE and require ICE to obtain a warrant from a judge to take custody of illegal alien prisoners.

The meeting consisted of private one on one presentations to the commission.  Surprisingly we found the commission to be polite, attentive and even a bit interested in what we had to say.

I counted seventeen people that made appointments to speak to the commission.  Seven who were there to keep ICE in our Jails and ten who wanted to remove ICE.

The pro illegal side, was represented by groups like National Immigration Law Center, UCLA School of Law, Indivisible and the  National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

On the anti illegal side were activists from We The People Rising.

In my presentation I basically told the commission that removing illegal alien criminals was a public safety issue, and that the general public wants and supports illegal aliens that have been convicted of crimes to be turned over to ICE and removed.

I quoted a US department of Justice data that shows that over 90% of foreign born prisoners in US prisons are illegal immigrants.

I also told them that: “  There is a small portion of the public that is against ICE deporting prisoners, but they are not representative of the general public, it’s only a handful of political extreemists from the far end of the political spectrum that is against the removal of illegal aliens criminals that are held in our prisons.”.

Angel mom, Agnes Gibboney, gave an important presentation to the commission,  You can hear it here at the 25th Congressional District Immigration Coalition FB page:

Greg Aprahamian is a Los Angeles activist

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