An Open Letter to Governor Elect Newsom

By Naomi Fisher

Governor Elect Gavin Newsom, what in the world are you thinking?!

Of course every U.S. Citizens feels sympathy and compassion for all of the migrant marchers.

But – we cannot possibly accept them into California.

Where, Governor Elect Newsom, do you think we will house all of them?

Where do you think California will find the money to care for them?

Do you really believe California can afford to accept them?

I watched the news on Sunday, 11/25/18, on KTLA Channel 5 at 10pm. People responding to your thoughtless comments, Governor Elect Newsom, were donating food and clothing to the migrants. Wonderful. That shows a good heart and sincere concern.

Except – That is taking food and clothing away from all the victims of our recent California fires! They need tons of food and clothing. They need the monetary assistance that you, Governor Elect Newsom are so blithely suggesting we use to shelter the migrants – partial quotes, “This is not my America…the home of the…free.”

Surely you are aware that right now thousand of people in California, this State you promised to govern when you took the oath of office as Lt. Governor, and the oath you will take when sworn in as Governor, the Citizens of this very State  need help and you are turning your back on them for migrants that will drain all the resources so many Californians need!

Surely you know the number of homeless in cities throughout our State. Surely you know the number of recipients of food stamps and welfare in our State. And the number of food banks that serve anywhere from 40 to 100 people each day they are open. You must know about the churches that feed close to 100 dinners to the low income, people without jobs and the homeless every evening. And of course you are aware of the charities like Lutheran Social Services that provide showers, washers and dryers, food and clothing for the homeless. Then there are the free clinics that try to help the the astonishing number people seeking medical or dental help because they don’t have or cannot afford the cost.

Our educational system is failing our young people. As you know, it used to be one of the best in the world.

Is it that you do not care because you believe in the One World Order? But that would be treasonous and against your oath as Lt. Governor. Because, you do know that almost every single Citizen of our Nation – which includes California – demands that our U.S. remains a Sovereign Nation. We do not want to become just another country ruled by a One World Order, i.e, one government, one currency. An Order that will destroy our U.S. An Order so many of your Democrats are trying to establish.

We would no longer be that Nation: “The land of the home, the brave and the free,” that you espoused.

I entreat you: Stop playing National Politics. Stop trying to undermine President Trump so you will look good to the Democrats.

Governor Elect Newsom I repeat, “What in the world are you thinking?”

We cannot take of other immigrants until we take care of ourselves. And right now our State and Federal Government is failing us.

Do the job you were elected to do: TAKE CARE OF CALIFORNIANS FIRST!

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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One Response to An Open Letter to Governor Elect Newsom

  1. J Holifield December 3, 2018 at 8:48 pm

    I agree! We must take care of our own FIRST!


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