Believe in Children, Give Them a Future Today!

Dear Casa Pacifica Community,

We hope this email finds you well, especially in light of the recent fires
that have overwhelmed us all. Casa Pacifica was fortunate to not be
directly involved though many of our staff members were. Our thoughts
and prayers continue to be with the first responders, victims, and all
those affected by the fires. Even with this tragedy, year-end giving is vital 
to Casa Pacifica’s programs in the coming year. We hope you will consider 
donating to support our children and families in 2018. 

I thought love was only true in fairy tales,
meant for someone else, but not for me.

That old Monkees song from the 1960s popped into my head the other day when I was thinking about the foster and at-risk children of Casa Pacifica, where I have taken on the role of President of the Board of Directors. The children Casa Pacifica serves have had a tough start in life. 

They face challenges that adults would run from, yet they have no choice but to stand there. They are forced to be strong simply to survive. And everything about their upbringing so far tells them that they are worthless, stupid, difficult, unwanted, and most of all, unlovable. Love is meant for someone else, not them

Love was out to get me.
That’s the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.
Then I saw her face. 

And then Casa Pacifica unexpectedly steps into these youth’s lives – in one form or another – caring for them in our residential programs, meeting them in their homes and schools, offering programs where families can learn to get along – and everything changes. The face of HOPE peeks its head around the corner and says, “follow me.” 

Now I’m a Believer

That is the trick. That is the finesse and invitation and glimmer of maybe, come and see. And while it takes time . . . and patience . . . and struggle . . . and patience . . . and learning . . . and support . . . and patience – eventually the children at Casa Pacifica let down their guard and start to think that maybe things can be different. 

Maybe things can be better. And little by little they do get better. The children and youth start to believe. And the fairytale, the love becomes possible.

I am a believer too. Watching one heartbreaking story, after enraging story, after incredulous story, after resilient story, after so many other stories each turn to take a new and different path full of possibilities, hopes, and dreams – I believe in Casa Pacifica. I believe in its children, youth, and families. I believe in its mission, its methods, its underlying culture that heals with patience, expertise, love, and respect.

I believe in the difference Casa Pacifica makes to these deserving children and youth. I believe in what they believe in:

Every child deserves a loving foundation on which to grow to their true potential

• Every child deserves medical attention – both physical and mental

• Every child deserves a nurturing environment to help them grow and learn

• Every child deserves loving guidance during the difficult transitions of life

• Every child should have the opportunity to thrive in school and reach a higher education

• Every child deserves a place to call home

• Every child should believe in himself/herself

• Every child is worthy of and deserves to have hope for a bright future

Do you believe children deserve all those things too? Don’t you think it’s time for you to join me as a Believer and make a difference in the lives of children who matter, who are worthy, who are full of possibilities, and wonder, and hidden potential? I’m asking for you to generously give to Casa Pacifica this holiday season. I’m asking you to be a Believer, so that children have the chance to become believers in themselves, their futures, and their dreams.

I Believe! Donate Here

Then I saw her face.
Now I’m a believer.
Not a trace of doubt in my mind. 


No doubt. It’s the right thing to do. 

Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season!
William H. Powell
Casa Pacifica Board of Directors

P.S. We wish you and your family peace throughout the year, and hope the new year will bring peace as well to the lives of the children and families Casa Pacifica serves. 

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