California mudslide victims still dealing with insurance headaches


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — It’s been a month since mudslides killed at least 20 people and destroyed more than a hundred homes on the California coast. Torrential rain washed out hillsides torched bare by a massive wildfire, and some insurance companies have been slow to connect the disasters and cover the victims.

Beth Prinz had endured the torrent of mud that plowed into her Montecito home. 

“So you were standing inside looking out at mud up to here?” CBS News asked. “Yes,” Prinz said. “The water had gone to four feet in about 20 minutes.”

The damage was extensive, but when she called her insurance company, USAA, this was the response: “He said, ‘we don’t cover this type of problem,’ and that was it,” Prinz said.

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One Response to California mudslide victims still dealing with insurance headaches

  1. C E Voigtsberger February 14, 2018 at 8:18 am

    Of course her policy didn’t cover it. No standard insurance policy covers flood damage. You have to buy that coverage at a considerable premium if you want it. Unless the homeowner deliberately purchased flood insurance she is not covered. End of story. As the Pennsylvania Dutch are quoted as saying, “Too soon old; too lat smart.”


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