CNN Slams Trump’s Race Rhetoric With Wildly Racist Headline

CNN blasted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s appeal to black voters Saturday, suggesting his outreach was pointless because he opposes restoring voting rights to convicted felons. Trump has made a renewed push to appeal to black voters since shaking up his campaign last week. In a Friday speech, he accused the Democratic Party of betraying black…

One Response to CNN Slams Trump’s Race Rhetoric With Wildly Racist Headline

  1. William "Bill" Hicks August 23, 2016 at 7:30 am

    What they might have to lose is all the giveaway programs the democrats take from taxpayers and give to those who didn’t work for it.

    You know, things like an 0-bama phone, no verification of citizenship in order to vote, 0-care virtually free to them but not to those who pay for it, SNAP and other welfare programs.

    They get these things for doing nothing more than voting for democrats. They don’t have to go to work each day while taxpayers do. ALL IT TAKES IS ACCEPTING THAT YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER RISE ABOVE WHAT IT IS TODAY AND YOU CAN STAY HOME MAKING BABIES AS A CASH CROP.


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