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Jean Cox Kohut to the editor of The Camarillo Acorn.

I am not pleased with the way your reporter, Cameron Kiszla skewed my comments and the reason the supporters against Sanctuary State were maligned in his article: 

We attended the April 25th  Camarillo City Council meeting to plead with our elected officials to follow the lead of many other cities in California, and two counties, to Opt Out of Sanctuary City and/or join the lawsuit against California like other cities have already done.

My comments, which by the way were recorded, are not what your reporter alleged I said. Cameron indicated I had stated that our pretty little city would have crime. I did not say that. I said illegal alien felons would commit crimes in Camarillo if we remained a Sanctuary City.

First, I cited statistics from a recent Ventura County Star article stating that an ICE raid had arrested 200 illegal aliens in LA, Santa Barbara and Ventura County. Of those 200, 90% were illegal alien felons. The crimes listed were; incest, rape, cruelty to a child, murder, burglary, illegal possession of weapons and drugs. The list of felonies went on. What caught my eye was that four, let me repeat four of those illegal alien felons were arrested right here in Camarillo.

I stated to the council that if we thought our pretty, little, clean city would remain so, this just wasn’t the case. If we think that the illegal alien felons will remain inside the list of cities that have opted out/and or joined the lawsuit we are wrong. They will go to cities that are still Sanctuary Cities. Like I said these comments were recorded. I do not appreciate my words being skewed by either sloppy journalism or to fit an agenda.  I do not appreciate it at all. I will make sure everyone who knows me, and knows I do not lie, will be informed about this erroneous article and what I really said to city council.

We were broad brushed as “flag clad activists”. No one that came to plead with city council to opt out, and or join the lawsuit, was flag cladded. We may have had on t-shirts with flags, or MAGA hats but we were not flag clad or dishonoring our flag or country in any way. This is an insult to good, law abiding citizens whose desire is to see Camarillo remain a safe place to live.

If your reporter was trying to point out or malign an elderly lady in a wheelchair and her daughter who takes care of her he has hit below the belt, they had on patriotic t-shirts. They were not flag clad individuals.

I want an apology for the citizens who were there and lawfully to speak up and desire to be protected by their city council.  

A list of cities and counties opposed to SB 54 to inform our readers:

Ms. Cox-Kohut is a resident of Camarillo

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