County thinks “Public” means “Public Employee”




Pathetic Attempt to Pack the VCERA Board

For most of us in the taxpaying private sector, when we think of the “public”, it is probably a near certainty that most of us are not thinking of someone who is a government employee. Not so it seems when it comes to the County of Ventura. 

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors is going to consider a recommendation by County management to approve the appointment of someone as an Alternate Public Member of the County retirement board (VCERA). The position is reserved for the public by statute. 

VCTA applauds making such an appointment but we strongly oppose this one. The individual recommended is a retiree with 28 years of service in local government receiving a pension in excess of $80,000. 

VCTA thinks that a Public Member should be someone from the “public”. VCTA believes that former government officials with public pensions are not the best choice to fill the “public seat” and best represent the public interest on the County Retirement Board.  

The individual being considered is not a beneficiary of the County retirement system. Yet the BOS and county management want us to accept that someone who worked in government for most if not all of their adult life, then retired with a generous public pension actually satisfies the definition of being a representative of the public.

This may comply with the letter of the requirement that they not be “connected with county government in any capacity” but it certainly does not satisfy a plain understanding of public representative.

What is most telling is that County Management would have us believe that only government retirees are qualified to fill the “public” seat. The last time, 2013, an appointment was made for a public seat it was also filled by a government retiree – someone with 40 years who is receiving a pension in excess of $190,000. 

This is an insult to taxpayers. This is why voters are so fed up with their government. This nomination is nothing more than a pathetically obvious attempt to pack the VCERA Board with members who are sympathetic to the interests of government and its employees. The County is emitting a very foul odor. It needs to do better. 

VCTA opposes this appointment and so should our readers. Use this link to let your Supervisor know what you think.  


Ventura County Taxpayers’ Association


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2 Responses to County thinks “Public” means “Public Employee”

  1. Mark Savalla February 4, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    I agree with your opinion. I sent an email suggesting that Kelley Long, not support this action.

  2. William Hicks January 24, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Please contact your County Supervisor and let them know how you feel by using the supplied link.


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