Death Threat Received From a Rep. Katie Hill Supporter | Democrats Fine With Eliminating Their Opposition



By Greg Aprahamian

While posting images of stolen lives from the remembrance project, (images memorializing Americans killed by illegal aliens) onto Rep. Katie Hill’s Facebook video post about the government shutdown.  It was eye opening to see how many of her supporters became angry over the images that I posted.

Rep. Katie Hill is a freshman California Democrat representatives that recently won in a formerly Republican stronghold.  Katie Hill is also a 31 year old millennial.

Why would Katie Hill supporters be angry over these images?

Little less wish that I would get killed?

I mean the issue of violence and crime that comes with illegal immigration and uncontrolled borders is 50% of what this shutdown is all about.

This is a bipartisan issue, I mean illegal alien criminals that are perpetrating violence on Americans don’t discriminate between Democrats and Republicans, they just kill and rob whoever they think is an easy target.

The other 50% of why we need this wall is jobs.  Illegal aliens that flood over our Southern border take jobs that belong to Americans and undercut American wages, particularly the poorest of American workers.

This also is bipartisan,  Illegal aliens and their employers don’t discriminate, choosing to take jobs away from Republican workers or Democrat workers, Black, White, Hispanic or Asian workers,  Any American who competes for a job with an illegal alien loses if The American costs more.

So the reasons to control our border is bipartisan.

Why the anger coming from Katie Hill Supporters?  Why did the Katie Hill supporter want me killed?

The Katie Hill supporter wanted me dead, because the images I posted are effective,  they are indisputable.

And the death threat proves it.

The issue for many Americans over border security and the wall is about public safety and jobs, but for Rep. Katie Hill and her supporters and the Democrat party it’s about control. Control of the country.

They know that the goal of open borders is to replace Americans, they are replacing our vote and they are replacing our influence over our country.  They know the only way to achieve their dream is by replacing us with people that will give them the votes that they need.

The Democrat party is fine with eliminating their opposition.

And their opposition is us.

Greg Aprahamian is a Santa Clarita activist.

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