Does “The News” Add Up?

by Phil Erwin

Do you get the feeling that things just aren’t adding up these days?

Feel like the “news” just don’t make sense anymore?

You listen to/read on any of the so-called “mainstream” Media outlets – ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, CNN, or the once-revered newspapers – New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times – you get the same stories, the same viewpoints, delivered in the same verbiage (and that is significant!) Politico, Mediaite, Huffington Post and other on-line “news” outlets echo the same slant on the same stories in the same words. (Hmmm…)

So you think you’ve got a handle on What’s Happening. But then you turn to alternative outlets – FOX and FOX Business, One America, Daily Caller, The Blaze – and you often get virtually reversed points-of-view.

So what’s really true? How can you tell? Which news sources can you trust?

The truth is that the “mainstream” outlets no longer provide real news. They publish Left-centric opinions masquerading as “news.” They have become pure propaganda machines for the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party. There are even mechanisms in place to make certain they all march to the same drum; opine with the same words; challenge Trump with the same alacrity, the same anger, the same malice aforethought.

(Want proof? Consider that roughly half the country actually believes the Media’s drumbeat-charge that Trump is a racist – despite having absolutely no evidence that he is, and abundant evidence that he is not. For example, Trump’s company employs people of non-White heritage, who state on camera, enthusiastically, that they feel like they are part of Trump’s extended family. How could that possibly square with Trump being a “racist”?)

The “mainstream” Media mean to make you hate Trump. Eminem’s new ignorance-fueled, expletive-filled anti-Trump rap video could be their collective theme.

That’s what Trump means when he calls them all “Fake News.” They’re not news any more. They’re a cross between gossip and propaganda, with a very mean streak baked in. We now have mean-spirited, fact-untethered propaganda driving our national political discourse.

But what makes the Fake News influence so problematic is that it plays out over social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, which many (especially young) people now rely upon for their first, and maybe their only, source of news. If social media reflect only one side of the political divide, the rift is widened. Big time.

If you feel like the divide is quickly becoming a chasm, you’re right. It’s a deliberate Progressive plan. And Facebook and Twitter provide the leverage.

On the surface, these on-line portals might seem to be nothing more than pipelines for news and opinion sources. But is that true? Do Facebook, Twitter and Google just move information efficiently for others? Or do they actively engage in selecting what information gets attention, and what gets buried?

Let’s consider four examples:

1.  GOOGLE Search results: Promoting a view?

Google was discovered during the last election cycle to have “algorithms” (computer-speak for “rules”) that elevated or diminished the “importance” of postings in search results, depending on unknown, unpublished criteria. What became extraordinarily obvious was that positive posts about Hillary and negative stories about Trump were elevated, while positive posts about Trump and negative Hillary stories were buried.

Gee… I wonder what the “rules” were?

2.  Twitter: Fair… or Filtered?

  • Twitter won’t post an ad for Congresswoman Blackburn because her pro-Life message might cause a “negative response” among some users. But…
  • Twitter has no problem publishing the opposite, pro-Choice viewpoint, even though that perspective produces at least as much “negative response” among Conservatives.

Obviously, offending users is not what concerns Twitter. They’re perfectly OK delivering your offensive material – providing they approve of your viewpoint!

3.  NFL – Doth Protest Too Much?

  • The Media are all over Trump for “calling” all the protesting NFL players “SOBs”, insisting it was a deliberate racial slur. [“SOB” is a common pseudo-insult among testosterone-laden jocks, as often used in jest as in anger, like the “Yo Mama!” cut that once worked as either slur or humorous rejoinder, depending on the relationship between disser and dissee.] But…
  • Trump never called all NFL players “SOB’s.” That was pure Media fabrication. What he said, was: “Wouldn’t you love to see [an NFL owner] say, ‘Get that SOB off the field, right now! Out! He’s FIRED!’“ – clearly a hypothetical suggestion, cleverly referencing his Apprentice trademark phrase. Cheers from the audience of thousands made it obvious that Yes, they would love to see that. And…
  • When the Vice President left a game he had wanted to see – because he was offended by the disrespect shown by the NFL players for the flag, the anthem and the nation – his quiet, personal statement of disapproval caused an uproar in the Media.So the Media are fine with NFL athletes protesting – because they approve of the politics of that protest. But they’re infuriated by the Vice President protesting,, because they disapprove of Conservatives supporting Patriotic sentiment.

Can you say, “Double standard”?

4.  Sexcapades

  • When then-candidate Trump was “discovered” making salacious remarks with an obvious male-chauvinist-humor bent, the Media and entire Left side of the political spectrum went apoplectic. Their reactions were so over-the-top, you’d have thought they’d never heard such locker-room banter before. But…
  • The Entertainment industry has worked for decades to make crass sexual language as common as dirt. Hugh Hefner has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, not because he was an entertainer, but because he brought overt sexuality into the Entertainment mainstream. And…
  • Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual misbehavior went completely ignored by top Democrat candidates and Party operatives, as well as the Mediadespite it being an “open secret” in Hollywood –– until the publication of specific charges of impropriety resulted in a veritable flood of me-too allegations. Shades of Bill Cosby’s decades-delayed downfall… Suddenly the Media are aghast! at Weinstein’s unacceptable! behavior; but
  • Democrat Party elites, including Hillary and Obama, still take days to weigh in with (feigned) outrage, because Weinstein was both their friend and a DNC money pump for years. No way they relish having to bite the hand that’s been feeding them. Millions.

But don’t expect either mainstream or social Media to point out the glaring hypocrisy of Democrats or the Entertainment industry. They’re not interested in Truth. They consider lying a useful political tool, so why should a little hypocrisy bother them? What counts is who gets hurt.

Can a story be bent and warped to hurt Republicans? Cool! Play it for all it’s worth!

But if a story damages Democrats, you can bet they’ll bury it just as deep and as fast as they can dig.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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