“DON’T Send Your Child Back to School”?  New VUSD Superintendent Receives Explosive Report and Debate Invite at First Board Meeting

New VUSD Supt. David Creswell

by CJ Staff

David Creswell no doubt expected a strong welcome to Ventura at his first Ventura Unified School Board meeting on August 8. But the message delivered to the new superintendent by the meeting’s first speaker was totally unanticipated, stunning the Board and audience into silence.

Paul White, a member of community organization QOL-Ventura.org, forcefully presented Creswell and the Board with a sobering, detailed list of Ventura Unified’s unacknowledged academic and moral failings.  White concluded his presentation by stating his community group’s intention to persuade all Ventura parents to withdraw their children from the district and seek homeschool alternatives.  The title of this initiative is “DON’T Send Your Child Back to School.” 


White likened the serious problems within VUSD to a company whose internal affairs are in chaos, and whose primary product is overwhelmingly defective; and yet the company continues to hide these facts from their customers, rather than choosing to fix the problems.

Some of the moral failings of VUSD* alleged by White included the following.

• “Almost 1 out of every 5 students in class are under the influence of a controlled substance,” (while VUSD refuses to drug test).

• “Assaults on both students and staff are common,” (while disciplinary codes go unenforced).

 • “Almost 50% of all students are sexually active, and 15% of girls 15-and-older have sexually-transmitted diseases.” (while the District makes no serious attempt to address promiscuity and abstinence).

• “Cheating is so widespread (80+%) that it’s made academic transcripts meaningless.”

White saved his most damning fact for last: informing Mr. Creswell and reminding the Board that State Department of Education statistics show 70% of Ventura Unified graduates do not qualify (the linked article says 63%) for basic college level classes.  “That means,” said White, “that 7 out of every 10 VUSD graduates who proudly receive their diplomas have not, in fact, finished high school.  They are not prepared to go do anything.  They have been betrayed by a system that they – and their parents trusted.”

White admitted that Creswell and the Board might question his negative statistics, and offered the new superintendent a solution.  “Our organization,” stated White, “would like to invite you to publicly debate these issues with QOL-Ventura.  We will donate $1,000 to your favorite charity if you accept.  If our claims are not correct, you would want to publicly discredit them.  If our facts are TRUE, then the parents need to know, so they can vote with their feet: declare themselves as homeschoolers, remove their children from the system, and put them in private educational alternatives that ensure learning, safety, and a moral environment.”  White mentioned that Creswell’s predecessor, the recently terminated Michael Babb, was offered the same debate invitation at an Eastside Community Council meeting last Spring.  Babb publicly agreed to participate in a debate, and then privately, reversed his position and backed out.

A member of Mr. White’s staff contacted Superintendent Creswell’s office to get his response to White’s presentation, debate invitation, and claims.  He received only a recorded message from a support staff that stated: “Mr. Creswell is not interested in debating Paul White.”

The message mentioned neither the 63% academic failure rate, nor did it respond to the detailed list of VUSD’s moral problems.

More information about the “DON’T Send Your Child Back to School” project and QOL-Ventura is available on their website:

www.QOL-Ventura.org.  They can be reached at (805) 701.2999.

Mr. White delivered a similar message to the Ventura City Council at their 8-7-17 meeting:


Editor’s note: When we asked Mr. White for corroboration of his claims, he showed us the 70% failure rate backup, but the other statistics were state or federal level info, without breakouts for Ventura specifically. Here are some LINKS: schools fact check. White told CJ that, based on consistent anecdotal testimony over the years – from VUSD students and staff – that Ventura is as bad or worse than the average.

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3 Responses to “DON’T Send Your Child Back to School”?  New VUSD Superintendent Receives Explosive Report and Debate Invite at First Board Meeting

  1. Paul White August 10, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    It’s Option #2, Mr. Hicks.

    Paul White

    • William Hicks August 11, 2017 at 8:16 am

      Could be, Paul. In any case, parents and students deserve to hear a debate on the subject. They should be the arbiters of truth.

      We know that if this had been a debate on most any other subject matter that Mr. Crewel was comfortable with, there would be a debate.

  2. William Hicks August 10, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Creswell won’t take the debate challenge. There are only two reason’s I can think of why he won’t:

    1) He believes that White is a loon and doesn’t want to waste his time.


    2) He knows White has credible arguments and is in fear of the results of an honest debate.

    You folks that have students in VCUSD should force the debate because your children are at stake regardless of who is correct.


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