Dumb Laws: A–peeling in the City of Ventura

rx times;”>In the City of Ventura under Public Health Regulations–Public Nuisances Sec. 8.010.120. Specific prohibitions there is this restriction:

ailment times;”>Cleanliness of public places. It shall be unlawful for any person to throw or otherwise place any orange, viagra 100mg banana or other fruit peel, or to spit or expectorate, upon the floor of any street railway car or other public conveyance, or public hall, or public building, or on any sidewalk or upon the front of any building in the city.”

Well that about covers it. Thank you City of Ventura. Now we know we don’t have to worry about slipping on a banana peel or getting a cantaloupe rind heaved at us.

It isn’t that we think this is a dumb law, or even in the least bit irritating. After all, spitting on people, or throwing orange peels on a street railway car (did they ever have them in Ventura?) are bad things. It’s really just good manners, and there you have it. Oh, come on, you do get the point, don’t you? Why does government have to regulate manners? Why aren’t they learned in the home. Seriously, try heaving apple peelings at your mother and see what it gets you.

Government shouldn’t have to make something illegal that we, as good citizens, should do on our own. We don’t know about you, but our mothers raised us to respect fruit, not spit on people and generally pick up after ourselves.

It’s only a dumb law when we have to be told by Big Brother to be considerate.


Slippery when tossed on an electric street car











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One Response to Dumb Laws: A–peeling in the City of Ventura

  1. C E Voigtsberger February 14, 2018 at 8:34 am

    It has geen a while since I checked, but unless it has been revoked, which I doubt, in our glorious state it is a felony to transport more than three plants without a permit from the sheriff of the county wherein the plants are being transported.

    It is also a felony to send a false telegram unless it has been revoked which again, I doubt.

    So the next time you are headed to Lowe’s to pick up a bunch of plants for spring planting, make sure you stop by the Sheriff’s office first and pick up your permit.


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