Dumb Laws—Illegal wax lips in Oxnard

This is one of the odder ones we have dug up so far.  It is illegal to sell or give away anything in a wax container in Oxnard – and they mean it.

Read the law:

No person in the city shall give away, sell or offer to sell any confection, candy, liquid or other refreshment in wax or paraffin containers, or other containers which when discarded upon a sidewalk or street will create a waxy, oily or greasy condition.  This section shall not be construed to prohibit merchandising of products in paper or cardboard containers which are coated with paraffin or wax. (`64 Code, Sec. 20-18)  (Ord. No. 2452)

Now how are you supposed to know if that container of milk is all wax or just wax coated?  What if it’s mostly wax and just coated with plastic.  It could get very confusing in the supermarket or the local convenience store.  They’ll have to start listing not only the ingredients of what’s in the container but also what the container is made from.  The label could get bigger than the actual product.

Keep curb candy off curb

Keep Curb Candy off curb

There must be a logical reason this law is in Oxnard’s municipal code.  Note the reference to the offensive containers being discarded and creating a “waxy, oily or greasy condition.”   Slippage.  That’s all we could come up with here.  There had to be a rash of slipping on the streets of Oxnard at one time. Inconsiderate citizens discarding wax bottles, wax boxes, wax paper, wax lips (okay the lips and paper aren’t containers but they are waxy, really waxy) and it being an especially hot day, or number of days, or a few weeks maybe.  Melting wax is very slippery.

So you have been warned, no wax in Oxnard.  And if you’re caught with it, they’ll do something to you,  but we have no idea what the penalty is.

If you happen upon a dumb law, please, send it our way.  We will never tell where it came from, cross our hearts. editor@citizensjournal.us


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