Eber | Trump vs. Anti-Trump forces on collision course

By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views

Last weekend most of the country’s attention focused on the boring Super Bowl that pitted the Rams versus the Patriots.  On the political front from Washington D.C. to the beaches of Malibu, it has been the same old story of Pro President Donald Trump forces versus those who are consumed with hatred for this man.

On the Democratic side of the ledger, the only thing that unites the Party is that the President must either be impeached or defeated in the next election.  Nothing else seems to matter including the effective operation of the Federal Government.  The current impasse on passing a bill by Congress relating to border security is indicative of this dilemma.

As the list of candidates emerges to oppose the President in 2020, it is point of information among Liberals that whichever candidate the Donkeys parade out, they will surely win. Issues of what might be important to the American voter are left on the sidelines as inconsequential.

Declared and semi-declared Democratic standard bearers such as Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gellibrand, and now Cory Booker, are competing against one another to stand out as being the most leftist of the bunch.  Their issues of interest include advocating opening of borders, increasing taxes on the wealthy, implementing single payer health care, reigning in Wall Street, and providing more free government services for all.

Despite holding these extremist views, the Democratic candidates don’t seem to be very concerned about viable opposition coming from the incumbent President.  Much like Hillary Clinton, they continue to be in a state of denial for their loss in 2016 as if it were some kind of typographical error.

Facing Trump again in 2020 does not concern the current crop of Democratic hopefuls.  They are more fixated by the possible Third Party candidacy of Starbuck’s billionaire founder Howard Schultz.  His ultra liberal views do not impress them.  What they really hate about Schultz is that he is white and a billionaire. In progressive world this places him at the top of Hillary’s “Basket of Deporables”

These socialist wanabees main objection to Schultz is that a third party bid by him might split their electoral vote.  Debating him on issues or inviting Schultz to run as a Democratic is not in their play book.  They expect to continue holding their Anti-Trump monopoly to propel the Party to victory in 2020.

But even Republican critics of Trump are grateful he has effectively reduced government regulations, unemployment, and helped increase growth in the economy. This prosperity they hope will propel him to a second term.  Because of Trump’s achievements, most Republicans in and out of Washington D.C. are firmly behind him.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in California, the pro and anti-trump forces within the Republican Party are immersed in a fight to determine who will rule the GOP in the coming years.  Presently, there is not too much to control following the landslide victory of Democrats last fall. This resulted in zero Republican state office holders, only about a quarter of the legislature in their hands, and the loss of seven congressional seats.

With the California Republican Party is in tatters, playing the blame game is presently a popular political sport.  Is Donald Trump, who has taken little interest In the Golden State before or after his election at fault for the decline of the GOP?  As President and leader of the National Republican Party is it his obligation to rescue the conservative cause in California?

Or is it the stupidity and ineptitude of California Republican leadership, going back 20 years, that is responsible for declining registration and feeble election results?

As might be expected there are competing factions of who should assume leadership of California’s Republican Party. Forces led by the Sacramento power broker couple of former Assembly Minority leaders Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen have been leading the No Trump movement. Mayes formed a group called New Way California who put on a summit meeting last year which featured former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Even though New Way California say they identify with conservative principles, Mayes while in the assembly backed Cap and Trade climate change legislation which cost him his leadership position.  Looking at the platform of the group, it more resembles Democratic Party Lite prior to its progressive takeover, than anything ever associated with the GOP.

Whether Mayes Anti-Trump group gains more traction in the future will depend on what goes on in the California Republican Party in the next couple years.  If it continues to lose seats and financial backing, others can be expected to fill the void to oppose the socialists led by Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Toni Adkins, Xavier Becerra, and the rest of the leftist gang.

Much of what will occur with the California Republican Party depends on what happens next month at their convention in Sacramento.  No one doubts that this body is in bad need of a make over and/or brain transplant.  The question is how such change will be manifested.

Presently leadership of the party under retiring Chairman Jim Brulte has concentrated on fundraising.  It has declined to take positions on important economic and social issues by leaving this task up to elected officials.  The strategy has not only resulted in poor election results, but forced conservative local office holders to either become decline to state or registered Democrats in order to survive.

Whoever, takes charge of the State Republican Party must reverse this trend by:

  • Putting forth a conservative economic platform that all voters are aware of and can be contrasted with the Democratic Progressive agenda
  • Actively recruit on a grass roots levels new voters especially young ones
  • Be able to convince former party members and current decline to state voters to become Republicans once again.
  • Run viable conservative GOP candidates on all levels from local school boards to the US Senate.

Should this new entity be Trump or Anti-Trump is not all that important except in achieving victory. Giving Donald Trump’s quote “We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning,” a semblance of reality should be the California Republican Parties top priority.

So guys, stop all the useless bickering and start providing real opposition to the Progressive juggernaut who are destroying life in California.


Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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