Public Invited to Provide Input on Oxnard Local Coastal Plan

Event Details

Oxnard, California – Members of the public are invited to provide input on the Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy Report and to provide comment on the preliminary draft land use policies that will be incorporated into the Oxnard Local Coastal Plan (LCP) Land Use Plan (LUP).

Where: City of Oxnard Human Resource Activity Room, 300 West Third Street, First Floor, Oxnard, California, 93030. (Please use the “B” Street entrance)

When: Wednesday March 14, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Additional: Kids are welcome. A coloring station will be available and light refreshments will be served.

Background: The Oxnard LCP was written in 1982 and is in need of a comprehensive update that will include sea level rise (SLR) and many changes to address coastal issues and topics. Beginning in 2014, the City assembled grant and local funding and then retained Rincon and other consultants to prepare a new LCP.

Work completed on the LCP Update so far includes:

  • SLR Atlas (available at
  • SLR Vulnerability Assessment Report (submitted to the Coastal Commission for second review)
  • SLR Adaptation Strategy Report (submitted to the Coastal Commission for second review)

●     Preliminary draft land use policies

The California Coastal Act requires that local governments prepare and implement LCPs to carry out the Act’s mandate to protect natural and man-made coastal resources and maximize public access to the shoreline. Protecting these resources becomes more of a challenge in the face of climate change as temperatures rise and global SLR increases. SLR will exacerbate already occurring coastal hazards such as erosion, flooding, and significant storm events, resulting in considerable social, environmental and economic impacts. Therefore, the California Coastal Commission and other state agencies strive to coordinate with coastal local governments, such as the City of Oxnard, to plan in a manner that considers future SLR impacts. The goal of these efforts includes developing short-, medium-, and long-range policies, and implementing regulations that allow continued safe use of coastal resources while accommodating expected SLR.

Contacts: For additional information, please visit or contact Isidro Figueroa, Principal Planner, City of Oxnard at 805-385-8207 or by email at

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