Fisherman’s Wharf- Public Land For Public Use!

By Dotty Pringle

Ventura County wants to Profit from The People!

We are absolutely not against development! Please understand it is very important that these  developers or any others that would be involved in a lawsuit. It matters because it is the reason they have a lawsuit against them that we are concerned with.


Neighbors collected about 4000 petition signatures to help stop the Fisherman’s Wharf redevelopment into a 390 unit apartment complex, which would house an estimated 1000 people and 600 cars.

We are frightened and upset by the type and location of this county high rise project. We think about what if a high rise fire like Los Angeles’ Da Vinci Apartments were to happen here on the corner of CI Blvd. and Victoria, AND we had 996 more cars with people to evacuate? The reason the City of LA sued Palmer/Tellefsen and won; Palmer/Tellefsen lost because they built with not enough proper firefighting contingencies or hydrants in place during construction. It burned so hot and so long that  the fire actually jumped the freeway, crushed traffic and cost the city millions in damage and loss. There were also insufficient fire doors and fire compartments!

If this is an example of the developer’s intellectual process, then we need to really think about what could happen, because it did happen. These developers teach about “intellectual investments” and have found a harbor department that acts as its own public works department. Is that a county conflict-of-interest? What kind of qualifications do you have if you can exempt your own county/harbor department projects with 7 other heads nodding yes?

This is on our minds so much that we had a meeting at the Elite Theater a while back. The whole beach area is banding together and 4,500 + petition signatures are now gathered against the county high rise project to profit from public visitor use land. Public land should be for  public use!We beach locals only have one way home and one way out. Fisherman’s Wharf is a very small area for such a huge 4 story, now 400 apartments, 3 tower, 55 foot high structure, at a buy major intersection choke point of traffic and our only exit out to evacuate. This is a potential risk we share with our beloved navy base personnel who use Victoria Avenue as well as our loved Truckers/Longshoremen for their daily business.


Fisherman’s Wharf is on the SW corner of Channel Islands Blvd and Victoria Ave (left of Victoria and below CI Blvd on this map).

We have great ideas for Visitor Use: read Nextdoor, petition and CI neighbors, websites, for all the great ideas from residents!

The Ventura County Harbor Department already took some of our public land during boat launch repaving when nobody could look. It has already been given by the taker for the developer’s project!

One day we hope to see that the Exception IS the Rule, meaning…doing the right thing is primary rather than profit; the LA fire may have been prevented. This would be a great example to our County!

Please, California Coastal Commission , do not let this happen here. It really comes down to what you value most. It is actually a moral responsibility you all have where you sit- a matter of thousands of lives! Please walk in our moccasins – if you lived here, would your family be scared too? Please speak out, this harbor belongs to you too, The People!

– Silver Strand, Hollywood By the Sea Beach, Hollywood, The Shores and we Oxnard/Port Hueneme locals along with Other Concerned Friends and Visitors to Channel Islands area.

We CAN DO better!

Dotty Pringle-Haymons and Family

Stan Johnson, Navy RET.
Proudly living here since the 60’s

Oxnard Navy Seabee Family

Boating Family

Editor’s note: There was also an online petition which you can view (now closed).  More importantly, here is a new petition to the California Coastal Commission. You can utilize it to express your views, since the Commission would have to approve this project for it to move forward.

The site also provides some useful information, as does

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3 Responses to Fisherman’s Wharf- Public Land For Public Use!

  1. Dotty Pringle July 3, 2017 at 8:50 am


    Are you a real estate speculator like some in your group?

  2. Dotty Pringle July 27, 2016 at 9:20 am

    Thanks for asking….

    On the cineighbors website there are many Visitor Serving/Public Use suggestions from resident and visitors, for the use of this Public Trust Land. We do not see a plan to replace or expand the RV Camping Area, but would like to see it focused on too for expansion in redevelopment. It is a much used area due to the loss of McGrath. We would like to see Harbor Use Ideas instead of Apartments, area not zoned for apartments and protected by Coastal Zone Ordinances within the CCC.

  3. Debbie July 26, 2016 at 7:00 am

    It appears that the plans will also remove the RV parking. Is there a plan to allow RV parking there in another location?
    I am having trouble understanding how this is visitor serving or in support of a small boat harbor.


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