Guest Editorial: A Senior Citizen’s Apology

EditorialBy Naomi Fisher


As a child of the fifties I grew up with an absolute belief in our country and government. In school we “educated” civilians scoffed at the “propaganda” we were told the poor, delusional Russian citizens were fed. We even felt sorry for the uninformed fools on the other side of the Cold War.

Now, as a Senior Citizen of the U.S., with unprecedented information surfacing, I’ve come to realize just how much propaganda our own Government fed us. It’s extremely hard to accept the facts of cruelty and atrocities our Administrations and CIA committed on other countries, how many of their governments we destroyed or compromised, how many drugs were “encouraged” to be grown, transported or even sold within their boundaries. Perhaps only those who lived through my halcyon days can understand the depth of grief over how duped we were, how responsible we feel, for electing so many miscreants into office and giving away our country!

The generations before me, my generation and the one immediately behind me were too naive to see through what information we were fed. But in our defense, television was still in its infancy, we believed what we heard on TV or radio news, what we read in newspapers and the two info magazines: Time and Newsweek. The Beatniks tries to enlighten us with the motto of, “Change Our Country or Lose It”. We were too stupid to believe them and smiled at the response, “America, Love It or Leave It”. But now, information has surfaced in the last few years stating that our Government and/or CIA loosened the drug-induced Hippies to discredit the  Beatniks who were driven underground so we, the uninformed public could be duped yet again.

Now our Country is functioning under a runaway Corporate Socialism where we, the people have no power at all. Corporations and companies are considered, “Citizens” yet have unlimited power and rights, especially in our courts – and we let it happen. I personally testified at a Lemon Law hearing against Toyota since I had watched one of their products go in a fourth time for the same repair and, with shock, heard the judge say the lemon law had “no jurisdiction in this court”. His verdict was “With Bias in favor of Toyota” meaning my friend could not appeal!

Bernie Sanders was on a talk show last week and said it best, but here I have to paraphrase as, wanting to hear his every word I did not leave the room for pencil and paper. He tried to call the people of our Nation to unite and bury our Administration, Congress, and Judicial system with demands to drastically reduce the power of Big Business. He said we must let the banks, pharmaceuticals, oil companies and others know that their rule over our Country is at an end. He stressed that we, The People, HAVE to take back our Country or we will lose it. He’s right.

To those of you who came behind me I can only say we tried our best.  My friends, parents and I read each and every statement by each candidate before voting time thinking we had proper information. Without D.C. or State contacts we had no idea those candidates were mouthing what we wanted to hear. Our only excuse: Sadly, we did not have access to the information available today; had no access to sources allowing us to dig deeper. And we are sorry.

Naomi Fisher lives in Ventura County

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One Response to Guest Editorial: A Senior Citizen’s Apology

  1. Citizen Reporter October 1, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Bernie’s right about curbing the power of big business in govt., but he forgot to include curbing the power of big govt.


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