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By Staff

The murder of a young father in the presence of his wife and five-year old daughter has brought the issue of homelessness to the forefront in our community. Homelessness is a growing problem, not only in the City of Ventura but across the United States and especially in California.

Admittedly, housing is expensive in California and factors such as mental illness and drug abuse are a major part of the problem. We’ve heard a great deal of late from those who whine that we must show compassion for people living on our streets. True enough…

  • There’s the single mother in need of shelter for her family.
  • The veteran who has lost his or her way after serving our country.
  • The elderly person who, for one reason or another finds him or herself without a roof.

Yes, show these people compassion, get them help. But, for those who terrorize the residents of Ventura by repeatedly committing property crimes or by starting brush fires in the Ventura River bed from unsafe campfires (whether accidental or on purpose), or by relieving themselves in public spaces, for once, please, really deal with the problem.

Where is the compassion for the people and families who live and work here?

Really, to the powers that be, do something to stop this. 

Huntington Beach studied the issue.   What they concluded is similar in scope to Ventura’s Safe and Clean Initiative which was created in 2011http://citizensjournal.us/patrol-task-force-offers-insight-on-homeless/

  • They view the problem as one size does not fit all. 
  • There are components including housing, mental illness and social services.
  • They concluded that a strong/dedicated police presence along with treatment (not Wet Houses) is the key. 
  • They have developed a Homeless Task Force which consists of a coordinator who interfaces with the liaison police officers dedicated to keeping tabs on the transient population. 
  • They committed to cleaning the encampments out three times a week.
  • The city partnered with a faith-based community to set up protocols for getting help to those who need it.

Over half the repeat contacts have refused help in Huntington Beach. But their police keep tabs on the population, monitoring them as they continue their outreach to address the underlining problems. 

Yet the problem persists as it does in Ventura.

With both beach communities, and for the safety of the residents, law enforcement has got to get even tougher

  • Stop illegal RV parking and . 
  • Do more than just clean up the debris at homeless encampments. Clear them out. 
  • Either the people living on our streets get into shelters or they leave town. 

It sounds heartless but what about the families who want a safe environment for their families?  Don’t you owe that to them?

Anthony Mele’s horrific murder was a wake up call for the Ventura City Council and police department. Do more. Get serious. Produce real, lasting solutions and stop the revolving door that only helps increase the homeless population by leaving them out there.

It’s not about hand-wringing — it’s about real action. You say you’re dedicated to rebuilding Ventura after the devastating Thomas Fire – “Ventura Strong!”  How about, “Ventura Safe”? 

Sadly for Mr. Mele, his wife, parents, and five-year old daughter, it’s too late, but for the rest of us, make it real… Make it Ventura Safe!

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One Response to Hey, Show Compassion To the Residents of Ventura

  1. Naomi Fisher May 27, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    I agree completely. It’s beyond just feeling sorry for the homeless and looking the other way.

    Strict measures have to be taken. Cleanup has to be done.

    Good for you, Staff.


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