Is Hope an Impeachable Offense?


by Phil Erwin

The Left was desperately hoping James Comey’s testimony before Congress would provide all the ammunition necessary to drop the Impeachment hammer on President Trump.

All the Left has now is desperation.

Comey came across as weak, equivocating, obsequious, bitter – just another back-stabbing, backside-covering, out-for-himself Swamp-dweller. Hardly a surprise.

So, what did we learn from Comey’s “performance”?

First: Despite months of the “Main-Stream Media” (MSM) hyperventilating that Trump and Russia “colluded” to steal the election from Hillary, there was never any truth to the notion. Instead, it is abundantly obvious that the DNC, Democrats and the MSM have been engaged in a deliberate disinformation campaign to hurt Trump, to obstruct his Administration’s efforts, and to undermine his Presidential authority, with the goal of rendering him impeachable. According to Comey’s testimony:

  • Trump was NEVER under investigation for any alleged “collusion” with Russia. Trump was absolutely correct that Comey had assured him of this on three separate occasions – something the MSM refuses to accept or acknowledge.
  • Far from attempting to obstruct or interfere with any ongoing investigation, Trump encouraged swift but unassailable conclusions for any investigations. (Trump’s suggestion to Comey might be characterized as: “Git ‘er DONE!”)
  • Comey quoted Trump as saying he “hoped” Comey could “see his way clear” to “letting Flynn go.” Comey says he took this as an “order” – although he did not comply. Democrats will insist this “implied” order “proves” that Trump tried to obstruct justice. But “hope” is not an “order.” Had Trump ordered Comey, it would have been clear and unequivocal, because that’s how Trump is. Comey “interpreting” it as an order, failing to follow it, and failing also to report it as attempted obstruction is simply not reasonable, and possibly legally problematic; his squirreling away a “memo” about it shows Comey has a “Swamp-think” reflex, concerned about covering his backside no matter what damage it might do to the country.

Second: There really is a “Swamp” in Washington, D.C. It championed Hillary, and it is determined to suck President Trump under and drown his Administration.

  • Comey leaked stuff to the Press, proving he’s a Swamp Thing, part of the “Deep State” of government employees not loyal to Trump who were working to undermine his Administration even before his inauguration.
  • Trump has the People’s mandate to “drain the Swamp.” Firing Comey can be seen as draining a very big bog. Comey leaking self-preserving memos to the Press is the Swamp fighting back.
  • That Republican Senators failed to “nail” Comey in the hearing shows just how inadequate most Republicans are at countering the Swamp. That is PRECISELY why the People hired Trump – the only Republican candidate they knew would bring more than a water-pistol to the Swamp-fight.
  • Comey admonished himself, “Be careful what you say…” Such a CYA reflex is foreign to Trump, which is why he is suited to draining the Swamp; and paradoxically, is also why Trump is particularly vulnerable to the Swamp.
  • The FBI’s deal with the Clinton campaign to destroy their laptops proves the FBI, under Comey’s leadership, was capable of very Swampey behavior.
  • Attorney General Lynch ordered Comey to call Clinton’s e-mail problems a matter rather than an investigation, which strongly suggests the real collusion was between Justice and the Clinton campaign. Perhaps this obfuscation strategy was hatched during Lynch’s infamous “tarmac meeting” with ex-President Clinton. And everybody in the FBI knows there was sufficient evidence to justify bringing charges against Hillary and crew. Laws were broken thousands of times.

Third: The Main-Stream Media are part and parcel of the Swamp.

  • The MSM routinely run stories based on “unattributed” or “unnamed” sources that prove to be inaccurate – not just misleading but fundamentally false; and key people in the government know they are false, and do nothing to correct the inaccurate view. As Comey himself pointed out: People leaking classified stuff to the Press don’t know what they’re talking about, while those who do know don’t talk, and don’t correct the Press’ inaccuracies.
  • The MSM has ferociously, even rabidly advanced a false narrative: That the Trump campaign, and (presumably) Trump himself, colluded with Russian operatives to “steal” the election away from Hillary. This storytelling chicanery has been conducted in concert with (and perhaps was directed by) the Democrat Party. (Remember: Media personalities actually colluded with the DNC to “rig” the Democrat primary process against Bernie Sanders. They’re very practiced at duplicity.)
  • The Press willfully and deliberately ignored the readily-available truth, known widely but only now admitted by Comey, that Trump himself was never under investigation. This was counter to the concocted “truth”, so the MSM refused to acknowledge it.

The Press is supposed to be an independent “watchdog” of the three Constitutional branches of American government. They are accorded Constitutional protections so that their “watchdog” efforts cannot be abridged by the three Constitutional branches.

But the Main-Stream Media has forgotten its place. Its members believe they own the right to use their protected status to influence government, even to the point of deciding who “belongs” in government. Thus the MSM interference in the Democrat primaries; thus their astonishment that Hillary lost; thus their rabid determination to “prove” that Trump “stole” the election (with Russia’s help), and their dedication to finding some way to foster Trump’s impeachment, or at least, to obstruct his agenda.

That was never the purpose of a Free Press, and the misappropriation of power represents a clear and present danger to our Republic.

Comey’s directly refuting the months of MSM coverage based on “unnamed” or “unattributed” sources makes it clear that we simply cannot trust any Media story that does not actually name the source before stating the premise.

FOX anchor Gregg Jarrett summed things up thusly: “You know, he [Comey] may be guilty of several things, and the great irony is that it turns out the President isn’t. But the other people who are guilty are the politicians and the journalists … that leveled these wild, reckless, baseless accusations of crimes by the President. Through ignorance and malevolence, they laid bare their absolute contempt for the facts, and for the Law… in pursuit of a political mugging of the President. That should be a crime; and if it was a crime, our jails would be overflowing with politicians and [members of] the Media.”

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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One Response to Is Hope an Impeachable Offense?

  1. William Hicks June 13, 2017 at 5:14 am

    Is it so long ago that we heard the words…..”Hope and Change”?
    We know what that “Hope” brought us “Change” that caused us harm in so many ways I can’t enumerate them. Certainly, an argument can be made by some that they could be construed as impeachable offense’s.

    Somehow, I don’t visualize “Hoping” that a person that has served with distinction but made a mistake of disclosure, is the same level of “Hope” that is anywhere near an impeachable offense.


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