How does Los Angeles gets its water?

From hundreds of miles away, mostly. South Coast Air Quality Management District Los Angeles A thirsty city. More people live in the sunbaked cities of Los Angeles County than the local water supply can support. Millions more. What’s a parched metropolis that’s long ago outgrown its groundwater canteens to do? Steal what it needs from other…

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  1. William Hicks March 21, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Unless the author of this article has an answer to a growing population in Southern California, I don’t understand the purpose of the article.

    Water, that just runs to the ocean prior to human use, I consider a waste of resources. That issue has been tied up with higher concerns for the population of fish than humans. There is a decidedly unfair application of resources in favor of non-human needs and desires in California.

    When I use water to irrigate my landscape it naturally returns to ground water. It is an ignored fact. It has the potential of being pumped out of the ground for reuse; another ignored fact. This water may have had an original source far away from Southern California, in many cases causing flooding if not for the use in Southern California; another ignored fact.

    All these ignored facts are part of what makes up the political atmosphere of California. If you want these ignored facts to be acknowledged, you will have to change the habits of those who elect the current population of politicians.


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