In Defense of ASUC Senator Isabella Chow and Her Statements in Favor of Natural Marriage, Life, and Family


By Arthur Schaper

In response to “Berkeley Political Review disaffiliates with ASUC Senator Isabella Chow”

To the Associated Students of the University of California:

My name is Arthur Schaper, the Organization Director for MassResistance. We are the international pro-family group that makes a difference.

In 1993, our President, Brian Camenker, foundered the Parents Rights Coalition to fight against the spread and indoctrination of the Homosexual and Transgender agenda, aka the LGBT Agenda, onto his children.

Soon enough, as Camenker predicted, this agenda has forced its way into every facet of life. The so-called LGBT community is not committed to tolerance and inclusion, but a rigorous demand that every other viewpoint, worldview, or ideology bow down to its demands and prerogatives. His concerns were not exclusive to himself, but shared by many parents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Today, 25 years later, MassResistance includes chapters in many states and other countries.

Men and women around the world, including the United States, are recognizing how dangerous the LGBT Agenda has become. This ideology has led to multiple losses, harms, and causalities. Men and women of faith have been forced out of work, have been placed in physical danger, and the ideological bigotry silences dissenting points of view to great harm to everyone else. From Dr. Paul Church of Beth-Israel Deaconness Medical Center to Melissa Klein of Oregon, citizens who expect to exercise their faith and freedom are meeting increased persecution.

The United States of America is the land of the freed as well as the home of the brave. However, the LGBT agenda and its leaders are more committed to persecuting anyone who supports faith, family, and freedom.

The latest casualty of this bigotry is ASUC Senator Isabella Chow.

Her courage to stand up for biological truth and Biblical morality at the October 31st meeting should have been applauded. Instead, she faces one round of condemnation after another, which she does not deserve. Her merited remarks in defense of natural marriage, life, and family were not hateful, but truthful, based on millennia of traditions which have withstood the test of time.

There is no civilization, there is no culture without family, and the natural family is one man and one woman in a life-long committed relationship. Every culture which has abandoned or rejected this standard has suffered decay and ultimately self-destruction. The very freedoms which universities depend on in order to survive and even thrive require the moral values inculcated by the natural family, too.

Nothing else will suffice.

Furthermore, numerous studies and historical records will affirm that homosexuality, transgenderism, and other paraphilias are destructive, deviant, and ultimately dysfunctional forms of behavior, and therefore they cannot constitute communities. Statements of truth are not hatred, or what purpose does a university serve in the first place.

MassResistance urges every committed stakeholder in the University of California system, as well as every citizen committed to freedom of speech, assembly, and the press to stand with Isabella Chow and respect her right to defend and promote the views for which she was elected.


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director, State Director, California MassResistance, Website:, Pro-Family Activism That Makes a Difference! Email:  @MassResistance @CAMassResistance

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One Response to In Defense of ASUC Senator Isabella Chow and Her Statements in Favor of Natural Marriage, Life, and Family

  1. ric ador November 26, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    Calif. liberals love to call anyone who does not toe their line a Fascist. They are the fascist; Once you enroll your child in one of their public schools they are subject to homosexual indoctrination. And if parents object , they are met with extreme hostility. Time to draw the line and take back our schools/state for decent people who want to raise their own children in a free and prosperous state — not a neo-liberal ” home of the homeless drug addicts, freebees for all, crumbling roads and taxes for all.”


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