Jeff Burum holds CD26 Congressional campaign kickoff

By George Miller

Oxnard Seabridge neighborhood resident Jeffrey Burum held his campaign kickoff at the Seabridge clubhouse. He has been testing the waters and doing events all over the District, which is mostly in Ventura County.  There will be Conejo Valley and Camarillo meetings as well.

Jeff Burum’s Congressional campaign kickoff speech, Oxnard CA- 12-08-17. Photo: George Miller/

About 45 mostly local people showed up for this event (probably more, since it was a four hour open house format, with people coming and going), along with Lt. Governor candidate David Hernandez from the Valley and Ventura-based US Senate candidate Stephen Schrader, who both spoke briefly and indicated that they were receptive to Burum’s message.

Burum was a career US Air Force officer, Cold War and Gulf War Veteran, deployed to the Middle East in Desert Storm, to Saudi Arabia, instructor at the Air Force Academy and later a CPA and financial advisor for 20 years. He retired from the USAF with complications from Gulf War syndrome, which has made him very sensitive to veterans’ needs and problems with delivering them.

He told me that he cannot just watch things go on as they have and feels the need to do something about it by volunteering his services for Congress.

After more than adequate libations, excellent barbeque catered by CJ’s and good conversation, the evening program started out. With an audience consisting primarily of dozens of enthusiastic supporters/base, it looked and sounded more like a pep rally than a typical political speech.

Burum referred to himself as the California Bear, distributes teddy bears and has a roaring bear on some of his electronic presentation messages.

I found his PowerPoint-supported speech to be almost unique among political candidates in that it gets into a fair amount of detail on how government should work and where it is falling short in that respect. He covered some of the key issues. 

Burum said that he would support the Constitution, fiscal responsibility and oppose Progressivism, Socialism and Communism. He described government as a necessary evil requiring a contract between Citizens and government, which the former should be in charge of. He sees the individual and family as “the fundamental unit of a just society,” as compared to “group think or collectivism.” He indicated that the USA is now a borderline oligarchy (see chart below).

He stressed the importance of separation of powers and a federalist model of govt. as the Founders saw it. He paraphrased the Declaration of Independence with words that “all citizens are created equal and deserve an equal opportunity to ‘pursue life, liberty and happiness’ as stated in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.”

Burum also believes in the states’ right to invoke the Tenth Amendment when the federal government oversteps its bounds, as occurred when CA went its own path on Marijuana (he did not express an opinion on that issue).

He supports preservation of personal wealth and private property rights, as well as free enterprise. He deplored the huge accumulation of debt (federal and state) and would support prudence in govt. spending.

Burum supports enhancing national security (military & border), reform of the government “swamp”, health care  and education reform.

Burum got more specific on issues/comparisons than candidates tend to get, especially at such an early time in a campaign –examples …….


Mr. Burum has his work cut out for him in opposing the well-funded Democrat third term incumbent opponent Julia Brownley, who won by 20 points in 2016. It looks like he’s mounting a different kind of campaign, though. In closing, he asked supporters to spread the word, help out, donate to his campaign, and hold events for him at their homes. He even called for both of his Republican opponents to drop out.

A fairly long Q&A session followed.

After that, the Ventura County Coordinator for Election Integrity Project-California Gloria Massey Chinea gave a session on the importance of the integrity of the election process to produce honest elections and what Citizens can do to help. This can be done by volunteering to train and then observe and report on irregularities spotted. Contrary to media reports that election fraud is not a problem, thousands of problems have been reported by EIP observers, even with inadequate staffing. Next year, EIP intends to address both the staffing shortage and lack of response by government to reported problems.


Per attendee Joan Lopez, Republican Women Federated and POV:

Alex Burum, Campaign Manager, did an outstanding job of planning this very successful event. Guests traveled from different parts of Ventura County; and we even had the opportunity to meet two candidates -one running for CA Secretary of State (name?) and another Stephen Schadler running against State Senator Feinstein. I Liked the session on The Election Integrity Project given by Gloria Massey-Chinea, where she explained the importance of honest electionb and how we could help by volunteering to become poll observers.

Per attendee Hector Moreno:

I think that Jeffrey had a good campaign kickoff but, I wish that he would make it clear that he stands with the president Trump’s agenda and that he Will support him if Jeffrey gets elected to Congress, also to completely end unconstitutional executive orders, DACA, implement the E -Verify law to turn off the Jobs for the Illegal Aliens, fine the employers that hired Illegals, or 5 years in Federal prison.
State where he stands on the 2nd Amendment, ID requirement to vote, Gas Tax and Vehicle registration fee increase.
Continue to put the USA citizens first, help to create more jobs, Reform the welfare system and put all able persons to work.


U.S. Air Force Academy graduate Jeff Burum receiving his diploma from President Ronald Reagan


Some of Jeff Burum’s military memorabilia was on display at the campaign kickoff. Photo: George Miller,


Jeff Burum for Congress Facebook Page

Jeff Burum for Congress web site


Original event announcement

Jeff Burum for Congress (CD26) Campaign Kickoff 12-11-17

Jeff Burum for Congress (CD26) Campaign Kickoff 12-11-17

So sorry to hear of the terrible fires and disruption of lives for people who lost homes, belongings or were evacuated. Thanks to our brave firefighters and police and private organizations for what they are doing. On a much brighter note, to all among us who were planning on going to Jeffrey’s campaign kick off, […]


George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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  1. Mark Savalla December 16, 2017 at 11:37 am

    I attended this affair with my wife Deborah. It was refreshing to hear Mr. Burum provide a positive low tax, constitution based philosophy that diminishes Brownley’s lack luster, communist philosophy.


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