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 By Timothy Bond | Thousand Oaks

As we move into 2018, I know a way folks can help “move the needle” in our communities towards more fair reporting. Support sources which try to give all viewpoints a chance to be assessed by the reader.

I hope all of us try to filter the news better this year, as I believe we can all do a better job at this, and we should.All we see happening in our news, affecting our local communities, governments, schools and more, depend heavily on our awareness of the issues. It seems the local news media simply can’t always be trusted to provide a complete and accurate picture of important goings-on in our communities.

Many of us have little time to dedicate sorting out the good and not-so-good information when we read reports and editorials. But let’s face it, we can all spend some time each week getting caught up on local current events. We can be smarter voters, and we can be a bit more engaged in basic civics.

I hope you feel encouraged! I know from first-hand experience that when I become more aware, and I become just a bit more involved, I find others with the same desire. I find when we talk, listen, and share information with each other, we do make a difference!

Citizens Journal is entering its fifth year of operation. It offers healthy competition to other local news sources we are more accustomed to reading. The Journal operates on a shoestring budget and with a small staff. It is funded through small private donations and some advertising revenue.

For years I have loved reading the print version of the Thousand Oaks Acorn, however they have problems in how they report news and with their opinion section. This is my view. Citizens Journal is a breath of fresh air! Of course everyone has to decide for themselves what their local news source will be.

All I ask is that folks give Citizens Journal a fair shot and spend some time reading their articles. Please subscribe and give it a try. It is completely free! I hope you will share this New Year’s Gift and message with others in Ventura County.

Thank you! 
Happy New Year to us all!

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