Moorpark Marketplace advanced by City Council; more property must be rezoned for “Fair Share” Housing

Moorpark22By Debra Tash

At their September 4th 2013 meeting Moorpark’s city council approved moving forward with a zone amendment to the M1 industrial zone.  This change will accommodate the proposed Moorpark Marketplace.  The vote was 4 to 0, cialis Councilman Pollack absent.

The amendment was tailor-made for the Moorpark Marketplace, click an upscale indoor swap meet which could house over 200 vendors in 10 by 10 lockable booths.  The current code allows for up to 20% retail use of existing floor space in both the M1 and M2 industrial zones.   The Moorpark Marketplace project for Manny  Asadurian Jr., one of Moorpark’s own “royal family,” would allow the applicant to use over 20% of floor space for retail as long as the building is adjacent to a freeway, located 500 feet from the freeway interchange and that the driveway is within 500 feet of the interchange.

 Asadurian Jr. entered into a rental contract with Sunbelt Properties for one of the 3 buildings on the Kavlico campus located along Princeton Ave. in Moorpark.  The building is over 70,000 square feet with 487 parking spaces.

Kavlico, one of the two industrial tenants on the campus, was represented at the Council meeting.  They protested the proposal through Urban Concepts.  Bill Christopher from Urban Concepts spoke for Kavlico, which had been sold by Mr. Kavlico and has since been sold two more times.  The company is currently held by Schneider Electric based in France.  As a defense contractor they are concerned about potential security risks caused by transient tenants and constant influx of customers.  In Urban Concepts’ September 4th letter they stated, “by a constant churn of tenants,” there would be no way to control who is on campus.   Bill Christopher also said that the code change is, in fact, spot zoning.  “It appears to favor one particular property owner,” he said.

Despite the concerns of the neighboring companies the zone amendment will be read for a second time at the upcoming September 11th meeting.  If the amendment is approved it will allow Assarurian Jr. to apply for a Conditional Use Permit, which brings him one step closer to opening the Moorpark Marketplace.

Three parcels, one over 23 acres located at the end of Casey Road, are also closer to being rezoned to high density, 20 units per acre, to meet the City’s Fair Share Housing, or the City’s share of the regional need for affordable housing.  A total of 25.8 acres have to be rezoned, by right, with no discretionary analysis involved.  To comply with  the State’s deadline,the rezoning must be completed by October 15th of this year.  The ordinance allowing for high density housing on these parcels was approved for a second reading to be done at the upcoming September 11th council meeting.


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author living in Somis.

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  2. Trichia Asadurian October 16, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    Can you please make correction to the spelling of Manny Asadurian.

    Assarrurian is incorrect.

    ASADURIAN is correct.

    Thank you very much.

    • admin October 17, 2013 at 6:47 am

      Note: This correction was made. Thank you, Ms. Asadurian.


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