National Day of Prayer at VC Government Center

EditorialBy George Miller

A National Day of Prayer ceremony was held by the fountain at the Ventura County Government Center in Ventura on May 1st  at lunch time. Event coordinators were Fawn and Joey Parish of Saticoy Church. There were 14 presentations scheduled, including a mime troupe, but over 20 pastors showed up and all had something to say.

NatDayPrayer140501 022

Agape Mime Team reenacts biblical scenes. Photo: George Miller

 NatDayPrayer140501 022It was almost too much to absorb, with so many speakers, so many subjects, issues, bible verses, etc.

During the introduction, Co-Organizer Pastor Dawn Parish of Saticoy Church gently chided four County Supervisors (Foy dissented) for also setting May 1st as a “Day of Reason,” which is a secular Progressive, atheist celebration. Someone told CJ that it is akin to building a mosque by the 911 site- legal, but quite insensitive.  But she quickly switched gears to say that they were here to celebrate the Lord and particularly to pray for the nation, which almost all seemed to believe needed copious praying over, for varying reasons.

The event was beautiful and informing. We were sung to and sang hymns, preached to, even mimed, by a troupe which acted out biblical scenes. Although it was designated as a day of prayer, there was quite a bit of focus on things pertaining to government, especially at a wrap up at the end, when pastors present were each asked to deliver a short summary message.

NatDayPrayer140501 003

Shofar blowers. from Jubilee Church Camarillo

Various speakers asked God: to bring His grace to every elected officer, to run government like the church, to pray that Barack Obama will come to Him (the Lord), to thank the Lord for bringing us rulers as magnificent as Barack Obama and Michelle in the White House, to pray for the Supreme Court and all judges who make such important decisions, to pray that the holy spirit guide them (leaders, kings?) in their decisions, to respect the people chosen as our rulers. For people: that we should not speak ill of our rulers, not to put your trust in princes, not to put up barriers at the border for our fellow man (We told you the comments were varied). Some pastors were quite vague and noncommittal, uttering generalities about voting rights. Two called for change, without specifying what change.

NatDayPrayer140501 004

Michael McCurtis leads worship pastors Total Life Center, Ventura

The U.S. Constitution says nothing on the subject of rulers or kings and directs us to choose representatives and leaders.  Consulting some people knowledgeable in theology,  CJ  was told that there are seemingly conflicting biblical passages on obeying “rulers.” Most said that it is the peoples’ right, even duty to object when leaders do not represent the peoples’ best interests and that we are not supposed to have any ruler or king here except Jesus Christ and that the Constitution and law trump leaders.

Comment sent to CJ by an attendee: “Some brainwashed by the media or their own ignorance of free-enterprise system — a term unused these days…. capitalism is their preferred word, which is correct of course, too.  But too much ‘free’ or ‘freedom’ in the word we used years ago until maybe the nineties or so.  Not a big deal…but pastors are not taught current events and economics in their Bible colleges and seminaries.  What happened to old fashioned common-sense: very uncommon in the media and government schools, etc.”

NatDayPrayer140501 037

About 20 pastors made summary comments, mostly focused on the national situation/issues. Photo: George Miller

The scheduled participants for National Day of Prayer at the Ventura Government Center were (more not listed spoke):

11:52-11:55-Shofar blowers. from Jubilee Church Camarillo
11:55-12:18 Michael McCurtis leads worship pastors Total Life Center, Ventura
12:18-12;21-Fawn Parish leads in a responsive/corporate reading of Psalm 146 teaching pastor at Saticoy Church
12:21-12:23-Rob McCallum prays for worshipers to arise across America vs 1,2 teaching pastor at Saticoy Church
12:23-12:25-*not announced*
12:25-12:27-Father Thomas from the Ventura Mission not trusting in man vs.3
12:27-12:31-Agape Mime Team
12:31-12:33-Rex Holt prays focus on the eternal rather than the temporary vs.4,5 lead pastor Saticoy Church
12:33-12:36 Sophie Salstom truth unchanging vs. 6
12:36-12:38-Jesse Giglio prays for justice for the oppressed vs. 7 pastor at Missionary Church
12:38-12:41-Adelita Garza prays freedom and deliverance vs. 7 senior pastor Puente de Vida, Santa Paula
12:41-12:43- *not announced*
12:43-12:46-Jim Duran for those bowed down vs.8 senior pastor at The River, Ventura
12:46-12:49-Richard Linares vs. 9 fatherless and widow Spanish pastor of Church of All Nations, Oxnard
12:49-12:52-Jim Ayers vs. 9 strangers senior pastor of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ventura
12:52-12:55 Bella Cameron sings, daughter of Kirk and Chelsea Cameron
12:55-1 p.m.-All pastors and leader-pastors from 2 Calvary Chapels, Missionary Church, Bible Fellowship, The River, Southcoast Fellowship, Saticoy Church, and others.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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  1. Susan Kline May 10, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Let’s petition for a day of prayer at the City Center on the first Friday of every month.


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