Newcomer to Moorpark Politics Liz Soto Announces Bid for Moorpark School Board

(Moorpark, CA) – Liz Soto, a 32-year Moorpark resident and mother of two, has formally launched her bid to join the Moorpark School Board.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to bring my years of professional experience in financial transparency, accountability, and responsibility to the school board.” Liz stated. “I know the value of our public education system, yet I also know first-hand what it is like to have a child struggling in school, having a son who took a non-traditional path to complete his education. I learned from his experience that the traditional system may not always meet a child’s educational and social needs, and it is important to find more than one path for a child to reach their full potential.  I look forward to representing our students, who are our first priority, as well as our teachers and taxpayers, and all other stakeholders in the district. Using my experiences as a parent, and my work with public education, I plan to help Moorpark Unified School District reach its full potential for the sake of our students now and in the future.”

As a future parent, Liz moved to Moorpark’s Mountain Meadows in 1986, where she and her husband Roy still reside. They moved to Moorpark because they saw the opportunities the future would hold for them and their two sons in a community that valued family and a quality education. Liz is now running for school board to pass those opportunities forward to future generations.

While raising her children, Liz became involved in the local Boy Scouts starting in 1999, when her eldest son, Michael, joined scouting, and continued until 2013 when her younger son, Christian earned his Eagle Scout.  Liz was also involved with the extra-curricular activities her sons participated in during middle school and high school that included marching band, symphony, and jazz band.

For the past 30 years, Liz has provided financial and administrative services and has been managing and overseeing audits and budgets up to $45 million. She has overseen resources of educational non-profits associated with early childhood through high school, to institutions of higher learning. 

Since 2009, Liz has been the Controller of the California Federation of Teachers.  Working for the second largest labor membership association in California that represents educational professionals has enabled her to work behind the scenes, and witness first-hand the effort and dedication that goes into creating curriculum, developing training for educators, and the invaluable role of the classified, all for the good of providing a high-quality education to students.

Liz earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge and her MBA from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. Michael is a graduate from California State University Sacramento, and Christian is graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz.

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One Response to Newcomer to Moorpark Politics Liz Soto Announces Bid for Moorpark School Board

  1. Jeff Miller September 21, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    I worked with Liz Soto at The University Corporation (TUC) at Cal State Northridge and at University Auxiliary Services (UAS) at Cal State Los Angeles.

    I can say that my experience with her has been much less than positive at both Universities. I found her to be very controlling and not particularly pleasant to be around.

    After five years at Cal State Los Angeles where I was charged to build a successful conference, catering and event business which was more than a little bit challenging I had a sever heart attack. Liz was the Controller for the organization and others found her difficult to work with. When I applied for disability, she did what she could to impede the disability payments. She was also part of the management team that attempted to get me to sign waivers holding the corporation not liable. She made statements to co-workers that I did not deserve to get anything more from the corporation other than severance pay. Fortunately, I prevailed in a law suit that found otherwise.

    After I left UAS, I was made aware from others still employed and who would have access to that information that she threw th the Executive Director, Dean Calvo under the bus to protect herself from some questionable administrative choices and he and others were fired.

    Not only would I not support Liz Soto in her political ambitions but I would recommend a closer look at her as a financial professional and someone to represent Moorpark and our school board.


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