On Presidents Day: Local school district anti-Trump?

By Deborah Baber Savalla

February 20, 2017

Today is Presidents Day. Our 45th President took office 31 days ago in time-honored tradition yet an English teacher at Campana High School in Camarillo reportedly was upset that she lost a $100 bet since President Trump was not assassinated on Inauguration Day.

According to Fox News & Commentary host Todd Starnes citing an interview with the mother of a student in the classroom, Campana High School also has a history of anti-Trump sentiments; sentiments that evidently are shared in classrooms targeting our youth and our future leaders. The assassination classroom comment was the last straw. The parents of this student have filed a formal complaint with Superintendent Angelica Ramsey but have yet to receive a response, according to Todd Starnes:

“Our public schools have been commandeered by far-left radicals – and they are using American classrooms to radically change the culture. We must stand up to their dangerous agenda.”


And while I have no school-aged children, I am compelled to write about this as I did about the Ventura middle school handwriting presentation of Trump as Himmler-Hitler because one day these young people will be our leaders. I hope parents and all concerned citizens wise up to lies being taught and rise up to demolish this cancer in our schools.


Lest you think Camarillo and Ventura schools are alone in their Leftist, Re-education camps, think again!

Anti-Trump Propaganda Education at NYC High School

February 19, 2017 As seen on Tucker Carlson Tonight

A New York father was outraged when his daughter was asked to complete a homework assignment that ended with a politicized question.

Vincent Ungro of Staten Island told Ed Henry that his 11-year-old daughter brought home an assignment that read as follows:

“President Trump speaks in a very superior and [BLANK] manner, insulting many people.

He needs to be more [BLANK] so the American people respect and admire him,” the assignment read, asking the student to fill in the blanks with vocabulary terms.



Deborah Baber Savalla was a 33-year resident New Yorker where she enjoyed a decades-long career in book publishing finishing that chapter of her life as VP Corporate Administration for Macmillan, a half-billion dollar company in the US.

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One Response to On Presidents Day: Local school district anti-Trump?

  1. Manuela Walker March 26, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    Do You Know What Is Happening In Our Schools?

    February 15, 2017, FoxNews.com ran a story by Todd Starnes that an English Teacher at Camarillo’s Rancho Campana High School told her students that she lost a $100 bet because President Trump was not shot on Inauguration Day. February 24, 2017, the Camarillo Acorn ran the story “Teacher apologizes for Trump remark”. According to the Acorn article, OUHSD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Rocky Valles, said that the teacher apologized and has returned to her duties. That sounds like a slap on the wrist. Can you imagine what would have happened if a teacher made such a remark under President Obama, or if Hillary Clinton had won the election? I assure you, it would have been more severe than a slap on the wrist.

    This is not the only anti-Trump / anti-conservative incident that has occurred at Rancho Campana High School. In November 2016, a teacher told students that “Trump hates women.” In February 2017, another teacher told their class that “The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Death, War, Famine, and Donald Trump.” Also in February, a teacher allowed one of their students to be singled out by another student in front of the class for being an acknowledged Republican, and allowed that same student to perform a rap song, during class time, that referred to President Trump as a “racist bastard”. It is very disturbing that this was allowed to occur. These are not isolated events. Other equally-disturbing incidents have occurred at this high school.

    Teacher’s personal political opinions have no place in the classroom, and those who exhibit this type of behavior share responsibility for the hatred towards, and violence against, President Trump and his supporters.

    I am sure we can all agree that teachers have a significant influence in our children’s lives. In fact, the OUHSD’s own Employee Handbook, in their Blueprint for Greatness, states “The District’s motto of Students First, Every day, Every school, Every classroom provides a laser focus for what matters most and for how adults can dramatically influence the lives of students.” The Handbook’s Code of Ethics states that “The educator accepts the responsibility to adhere to the highest ethical standards”, and “Shall not intentionally expose the student to embarrassment or disparagement.” Clearly, some teachers need to re-read their Employee Handbook.

    Parents: Talk to your school age children. Find out what is going on in the classroom. This unacceptable behavior must stop. Teachers and school administrators must be held accountable for their actions and inaction.

    Of course, there are excellent teachers who understand that their job is to teach our children, not to use the classroom as a platform for their personal opinions and agendas. To those teachers, thank you.


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