Oxnard Mayoral candidate on alleged water bond irregularities

By Lawrence Paul Stein



Oxnard Water Bond debt was issued for a known amount of money. Debt proceeds can only be used for Capital Improvement Projects. The number of Capital Improvement Projects that benefited from the Water Bond proceeds is a fixed number. It does take some research to determine which of the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) were related to the GREAT Program (editor’s note: a water recycling program). These projects include building the advanced water treatment building, the construction of the pipeline to transfer the GREAT Water to Riveridge (The Backbone Project), and building the pipeline to three private entities. The costs of those projects are known. I do not know of other CIPS related to the GREAT Program. It is a known number what each CIP cost. An audit as been completed of all CIPs.  Staff is unwilling to disclose how much of the Water Bond proceeds can be attributed to the GREAT Water CIPs.


I find the lack of transparency disturbing, especially when 
senior staff and elected officials state that they promote an open and transparent government.
Editor’s note: Mr. Stein has been studying and commenting on Oxnard utility matters for decades. Some of his conclusions have been confirmed by audits/outside experts in recent years. He is running for Mayor in the May 1 special recall election.

GREAT Program — City Of Oxnard


Oxnard Mayoral candidate Lawrence Paul (Larry) Stein is an accountant and  former Oxnard Mayoral and Treasurer candidatewho has been following City of Oxnard financial issues for over 20 years.

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