Pastor Jim Domen: “Call State Senators-‘No’ on AB 2943”



By Michael Hernandez

NEWPORT BEACH—Pastor Jim Domen, president and founder of ChurchUnited—a pastoral network of 500 ministers in California from dozens of faith backgrounds and diverse racial identities—is urging Christians “to call State Senators to vote ‘No’ on AB2943.”

Pastor Domen is hoping that the phone response will be so massive that the seven-member California Senate Standing Committee on Judiciary (which meets every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in Room 112 of the State Capitol) will kill the measure in committee before reaching the Senate floor.

Currently, five California Senators on the committee are in favor of AB 2943:  They include two California State Senators with Ventura County districts:  State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (District 19) which represents Oxnard and Santa Barbara and State Senator Henry Stern (District 27) which represents Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Simi Valley and Calabasas.  The other three California State Senators leaning in favor of the measure are:  California State Senator Robert Hertzberg (District 18) which represents the San Fernando Valley; California State Senator Bill Monning (Senate Majority Leader; District 17) who represents Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz; and California State Senator Bob Wieckowski (District 10) who represents Sacramento and Fremont.

The two California State Senators on the committee leaning against AB 2943 are:  State Senator John M.W. Moorlach (Vice Chair, District 37) representing Costa Mesa and State Senator Joel Anderson (District 38) representing El Cajon and San Marcos.

(Editor’s Note:  See California State Senators contact information at the end of this article.)

The vision of ChurchUnited is “to see the Church United to change the culture” of communities in California.  The strategy is to “equip pastors as culture-changers by sending them to Washington D.C. and Sacramento for annual Awakening Tours.”

The Sacramento Awakening Tour was held last week (May 7-8) with 120 pastors visiting the State Capitol “to pray with California State Senators and Assemblymen; touring California’s Capitol; and hearing about the State’s spiritual heritage” from speakers such as:  Pastor and Thousand Oaks Mayor Pro-Tem  Rob McCoy (Godspeak Calvary Chapel, Newbury Park and speaker for the American Legacy Series;; Kevin McGary (Douglass Leadership Institute Senior Development Associate) and William J. Federer (author of 20 books on America’s “noble heritage” and host of:

Others who participated in the Sacramento Awakening Tour included:  Attorney Robert Tyler of Advocates for Faith & Freedom, who authored a letter to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and the Members of the California State Senate (see and Attorney Bruce Smith of the Alliance Defending Freedom as well as former Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen (6th District, 1981-1993); California State Senator Mike Morrell (R-23rd District representing Rancho Cucamonga); California State Assemblyman Phillip Chen (55th District representing Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties); California GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox as well as Pastor Jim Domen (who led a panel discussion with Kris Olsen and Neal Hardin on “Former Homosexuals & Same Sex Attraction”).

“My mission is to transform California for Christ,” said Pastor Jim Domen.   “God created me with a passion for the Kingdom and government.  The Church has almost been completely removed from having a voice and involvement.”

Pastor Domen, is an ordained pastor, with a master of divinity, who entered the homosexual lifestyle after being raised in a “God-fearing home” and accepting Christ at age seven; and attending George Fox University, a Christian liberal arts institution in Newberg, Oregon.

According to Advocates for Faith and Freedom Attorney Robert Tyler, “Jim is like many others in California who have chosen to leave a homosexual lifestyle after realizing that his true identity is not based on sexuality, but based on his life as a Christian husband, father, and leader in ministry.

“AB 2943 would make it illegal for Jim to pay anyone for counsel that affirms his heterosexuality or that affirms his commitment to his traditional family.  AB 2943 would prohibit Jim from receiving money for counseling individuals or receiving money for speaking on the topic of choosing a heterosexual lifestyle.   He would additionally be prohibited from selling his autobiography (in California) wherein he discusses his experience and encourages others to abstain from homosexual behavior,” said Murietta Attorney Robert Tyler.

“God changed my life forever on June 8, 2002, when I lost all my worldly possessions and distinctly hear God’s voice telling me to come back to Him,” said Jim.  I told God, ‘I’m yours again,” and I began to realize that His strength is made perfect in my weakness—even in someone as broken as me.

“God began to restore me and I enrolled in seminary at Azusa Pacific University. I learned how to be obedient to God’s voice and how to interpret the Bible.  God continued His work of redemption and gave me opportunities to share my story publicly.

“After I graduated from seminary, I became a pastor at Rose Drive Friends Church.  I realized that I could no longer ignore the troublesome news stories about public policy and it discourage me to hear Christians who did not understand how to articulate their worldview,” said Pastor Domen.

“Around this time, Proposition 8 was being fought in the culture and I found myself on the front lines promotion God’s plan for marriage:  the union between a man and woman. 

“The founder of Focus on the Family’s California Family Council became my boss and mentor.   After six years at the California Family Council, God strategically called me to begin Church United in 2016.”

Today, Pastor Jim Domen is married to a former employee at Azusa Pacific University; and father of three children—a four-year-old girl; a one year-old boy; and a girl to be born in August.

Pastors receive scholarships for tours to Washington, D.C. and Sacramento.  The pastor awakening tours started with six California pastors in 2014, then grew to 27 California pastors in 2015, 70 California pastors in 2016, and 157 California pastors in 2017.

According to Pastor Domen, “Our goal is to scholarship 400 pastors” for the next trip to Washington, D.C. and scholarship 600 pastors for the next California Awakening Tour.   Pastors donate $ 1,000 for the Sacramento and $2,000 for the Washington, D.C. tour. For more information:

Donations “will help facilitate pastoral awakening and revival in churches, which will result in transforming California.”  To make a donation go to:

ChurchUnited has offices at 1601 Dove St., Suite 145, Newport Beach, CA 92660).  Pastor Jim Domen can be contacted at:  (949) 791-7378.   Some of the impact so far of the pastors’ network:

  • Orange County District Attorney and 60 pastors involved in a federal lawsuit against DV Biologics for baby parts sold;
  • 15 pastors voiced their opinions and the Orange County Board of Education took Freedom from Religion to court;
  • Removed harmful language on religious liberty from CA SB 1146;
  • Pastors united in Oroville to pray and intercede for the dam spillway from collapsing and several pastors ran for council and school board positions;
  • Two Voter Forum trainings held at churches in 2017;
  • Pastors speaking out at Fresno City Council meeting that resulted in the banning of the sale of marijuana and the installation of “In God We Trust” in the Council Chambers; and
  • Two pastors ran for public office in Garden Grove and Winchester.

(Editor’s Note:  Impact videos and testimonies can be seen on the website.)

Seven regional briefings occurred in 2017. “Regional briefs are essential as they are the opportunities that connect, encourage, and engage relationships throughout the year.” The next Southern California ChurchUnited regional briefings will be held at Thursday, Sept. 6th at Saddleback Church (Anaheim, Orange County) from 9:30-1 p.m. with breakfast and lunch provided and in Northern California at the Home Church (Campbell, Santa Clara County) on Wednesday, Sept. 11th from 12-1:15 p.m. with lunch provided. 

“Getting pastors to the California or the national Capitol is the disrupting catalyst.  Once they hear from godly-elected officials and pray one-on-one with their elected members from their district, they become disrupted.

“The Awakening Tour helps them worship and unite with other California pastors.  Transformation begins when pastors return home by:  preaching boldly about current issues; running for public office; praying with elected officials; and selecting godly men and women in their congregations and encouraging them to run for public office.”

(Editor’s Note:  Please see the below list of the California Senate Standing Committee on Judiciary):

JURISDICTION:  Bills amending the Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Code, Family Code, and Probate Code. Bills  relating to courts, judges, and court personnel. Bills  relating to liens, claims, and unclaimed property.  Bills relating  to privacy and consumer protection.


FOR AB 2943:

Sacramento:  916-651-4019/Room 2032/District 19 (Santa Barbara-Oxnard) 805-988-1940

Sacramento:  916-651-4058/Fax: 916-651-4918/Room 4038/District 18 (San Fernando Valley) 818-901-5588/Fax: 818-901-5562

Sacramento:  916-651-4017 Fax: 916-651-4917/Room 313/District 17

(Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz)

Sacramento:  916-651-4027 Fax: 916-651-4927/District 27 (Calabasas/Thousand Oaks/Moorpark/Simi Valley) 818-876-3352/


Sacramento:  916-651-4010/Fax: 916-651-4910/Room 4085/District 10



Sacramento:  919-651-4037/Fax: 919-651-4937/Room 2048/District 37 (Costa Mesa) 714-662-6050/Fax:714-662-6055

Sacramento:  919-651-4038/Fax:  919-651-4938/Room 5052/District 38 (El Cajon/San Marcos) 619-596-3136/Fax: 619-596-3140

 (Editor’s Note: Support and opposition letters are due the Wednesday before the Tuesday hearing at 12 p.m. Letters are accepted through hard copy and mail, and can be emailed to the Committee at, or faxed to: (916) 403-7394.)


Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor.  He has worked 23 years as a middle school teacher.   Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email:

Mr. Hernandez is dedicated himself to advance the 13 spheres—as a “City Upon A Hill”; developing an interactive California citizens news platform as an alternative to mainstream media; while building local school-community partnerships and supporting constitutional awareness and active citizenship.

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4 Responses to Pastor Jim Domen: “Call State Senators-‘No’ on AB 2943”

  1. Citizen Reporter August 31, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    Looks like efforts to stop it were successful.

  2. Martha Tatu August 31, 2018 at 2:13 am

    How can citizens from other states help?

  3. Deanna Kitson May 14, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    Last week I faxed letters nine letters from friends to our District Senator, requesting he OPPOSE AB2943. Additionally, this was followed up with a phone call to the Senator’s office the next day expressing our OPPOSITION to this bill.


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