Pokémon 602?

By Jennifer Felten

As the parent of a millennial I am forced to admit that I have learned way more about Pokémon GO than I would have otherwise cared to learn.  Not only am I getting a lesson, but so are some land owners who have had the unfortunate circumstances of running into pokémoners (is that what we should call them?) illegally trespassing on their properties.

The new craze is a phone application which shows Pokémon figures in areas through your smart phone.  Yes, the Pokémon Go craze is already affecting land owners throughout the nation.  Who would have thought that a smart phone game would drive gamers to trespass onto other people’s property to accumulate the various creatures?  In New York the Police Department sent out a notice that not only warned users not to trespass onto private property, but also to refrain from playing the game while driving or biking.  Another report detailed how a home was marked as a Pokémon Go gym where people can train their creatures.  Thereafter, the owner noticed a steady stream of cars blocking his driveway and people hanging out in his yard, all waving their smart-phones.

Players of this game are not limited to Americans.  Indeed, there are reports of people getting hurt playing the game in the UK where four teenagers had to be rescued from a mine after getting lost in the complex for more than five fours.  Real danger has also befallen players.  For example, in Florida a 19 and 16-year-old were playing the game in their car when a resident walked out of his house and shot at them.

In California, trespassing is a violation of penal code section 602.  Thus pokémoners need to think hard before they go chasing after Charmander (this is the name of one of the creatures for the uninitiated) onto private property.




Jennifer Felten

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