Progressives Destroy Everything They Touch — Everything


By Michael Greer

America was a country where principals, character, integrity and truth mattered. There were principals we all believed in, like the Constitution, Judaeo/Christian values, free speech, and the value of our founding.  Of course, there were Fabian Socialists/Progressives who hated everything we believed in but they were few and far between.  For the most part we believed Communism was a bad thing, marriage was between a man and a woman (accepted world wide for centuries), there are two sexes, and for cleanliness, safety and modesty men and women should have separate bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.  We aren’t that country anymore and why aren’t we?  Progressives.

Progressive, Ted Kennedy changed our immigration regulations from bringing in educated, skilled people from countries that shared our values to bringing in primarily minority people from 3rd world countries. Changing from merit based immigration to chain migration.  Plus, a wink and a nod to keeping our borders unsecured and immigration laws unenforced to allow millions to enter our country illegally every year. As well as discouraging immigrants (legal and illegal) from assimilating, learning our language, or learning the value of our form of government. Add to that Progressives refusing to allow us to verify our voter roles or use voter ID to ensure illegal immigrants can vote. Some cities are even allowing illegal immigrants and felons to vote. How does allowing people to vote who have demonstrated a disregard of our laws benefit us?

All one has to do is look at what Progressives have done to California.  They created a permanent Democrat majority, not by winning a debate of ideas but by changing the demographics of the state.  California has the highest percentage of immigrants, both legal and illegal.  It has more people on government assistance than working.  California pays one third of the welfare of the entire country.  Sacramento is gleefully passing every Progressive social experiment they can think of. But let’s look at what Progressives have done to the rest of the country.

Every city with high crime, high poverty, high unemployment and failing schools has been run by Progressives for generations. Think Detroit.  Every state bankrupt by unfunded pensions is run by Progressives. Think Illinois.  The cities with the strongest gun laws also have the highest gun deaths.  Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington, D.C. are the first four on the gun deaths list in 2016.  The more dangerous our country has become the more Progressives want to prevent law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves.  We used to believe the police were there to protect us but in Progressive cities police are told to stand down and allow Antifa space to destroy property and assault citizens who object.

What have Progressives done to our schools?  The Department of Education was created by Progressive Jimmy Carter and our schools have had worse results every day since.  At the time we were close to #1 of 36 industrialized nations, by 2009 we were #18, and as of 2015 we’re #28.

Progressives completely took over education and now our children are taught that America is an imperialistic, racist country. Our history books emphasize everything from our founding to present in as negative a light as possible with no mention of the good America has done or is responsible for.  Most schools no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem. Nor do they teach civics or the Constitution. How are our children going to understand the value of our Constitution if they don’t learn about it……and the Federalist Papers. Most kids have never heard of the Federalist papers.  

According to our history books now, Columbus was an evil man who killed hundreds of thousands of Indians.  Obviously, Columbus didn’t intend to bring diseases Indians had no immunity to.  Progressives imply Indians were peaceful people exploited by Columbus.  There was no “United Tribes of America”. Tribes fought each other, took women captive and made others slaves. Many tribes were very barbaric.  Columbus was an explorer among many explorers and to believe, if he hadn’t come to America, no other explorer from another country would have is absurd.  Exploring, finding what is on the other side of the mountains or the sea is innate to man.  We’re still exploring.  And what would be amusing if it weren’t so devastating, is that these same Progressives, who demonize Columbus for bringing people to a land that didn’t belong to them, are the same ones demanding we keep our borders open for people to come to a land that doesn’t belong to them.

When I was in grade school we had an honor guard at every assembly. We sang all the American Anthems and Christmas carols. We had swings, slides, rings, jungle gyms, teeter tauters, marry-go-rounds, bars, etc. in the playground. We played dodge ball and tag.  Most of those have been removed and in some schools kids are told they can’t have a “best friend”. There were two sexes when I went to school and sex education was only an explanation of the biology, not a tutorial on positions, anal sex, and alternate life styles. Now it’s “Students” instead of “Boys and Girls”. You can change your gender by changing your clothes and any and all “lifestyles” are equal. Christianity is banned but Muslim prayer rooms are installed. Everyone gets a trophy and score isn’t taken.

Progressives took over the media a long time ago. Their influence on the news media is extremely dangerous.  There is no attempt at being impartial or objective. The majority of “journalists” vote Democrat and donate to Democrats.  When not a single member of the White House Press Corps is a registered Republican, is it any wonder the President and everything he does is painted in a negative light?

There are many examples of Progressive media sources editing audio or video to make it depict something differently than actually happened.  There are many examples of the media completely ignoring a story because it would reflect badly on their agenda.  Kermit Gosnell, for example.  Harvey Weinstein, for example.  Benghazi, for example.  Fast and Furious, the IRS obstruction of Conservative groups, Ferguson, Travon Martin, Baltimore, etc., etc.  People can no longer trust the media. The same people who defended Clinton’s diddling a 20 year old intern in the Oval office as “about sex and his private life” but Judge Moore should not hold office.

The LA Times and NY Times refuse to publish anything skeptical of Climate Change (and I’m sure many other subjects, like anything negative about Islam, Sharia Law, or illegal immigration).  How is the general public going to know what is true and what isn’t if they get only one side of an issue? A few years ago the LA Times had a series on the front page (I believe, weekly) that featured a different illegal alien or illegal alien family and explained how difficult it was to “live in the shadows”.  I wrote them and said I could accept their series if they alternated it with a story of Americas whose jobs were lost to illegal aliens, or their wages depressed, or how the cost of schooling, policing, housing and supporting illegal aliens effected the taxpayers. Of course, they didn’t do it.  Truth has become “hate speech”. I still have a hard time accepting that these newspapers, written and edited by American citizens, could be so determined to destroy this great country.

Skeptics of Climate Change are called “science deniers” but Progressives deny the science of sex. They pretend homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality. They pretend mutilating your body can change your DNA.  They are willing to endanger our children by having unisex bathrooms and locker rooms. And now transgenders are competing in women’s sports.  

Not only have they been destroying our culture, our traditions, and our moral fabric, they are destroying fun as well.  The NFL is on their chopping block right now. Progressives already killed the “Greatest Show on Earth”.  They demanded the circus stop using elephants. Progressives didn’t care how well Barnum and Bailey cared for the elephants. They use propaganda to turn people against using elephants.

No more orcas either. Again, no matter how well cared for they were. “Black Fish” turned the public against ocas in captivity the way “A Clear and Present Danger” turned the public against nuclear power.  

Progressives are working on demonizing zoos as well. Forget many truly endangered species are alive because of zoos. Forget many veterinary discoveries have come from zoos.  Zoos are responsible for the awe and respect we have for exotic animals. A picture doesn’t come close to the experience of seeing a live animal.  Zoos breed endangered species, they study species, they care for injured animals and they teach us all to love and respect exotic animals. But Progressives won’t stop until they kill zoos too.

Progressives insisted Boy Scouts allow gays and women. Girl Scouts have been turned into feminists and social warriors by Progressives.  Halloween is their target as we speak.  Funny how Halloween costumes never offended people in the past. May I remind them that copying is the sincerest form of flattery? Are we all so fragile we can’t take a little kidding? These institutions and experiences they are destroying were recreation, escape, and family fun.  

No bonfires, no Frisbees, no beer, no dogs, on the beach.  No Pledge of Allegiance, no national anthem, no Christmas carols. No Easter Bunny or Santa. No genders, no best friends, no winners, no valedictorians. No smoking, no vaping, but yes, marijuana.  No patriotic clothing, no patriotism.  No pedigree dogs, no elephants, no orcas, no zoos. No free speech, no guns, no religious liberty, No Constitution, no Confederate statues. No cars, no ranches, no farms, no private property.

When Progressives are done, what will be left?

Michael GreerMichael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  She is also president of American Freedom Alliance.  Her website is:

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  1. Citizen Reporter November 17, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    I might quibble over a few details, but this is a good summary of the situation.


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