Proposed Expansion of Water Authority by EPA




There is a proposal that redefines federal authority over the water–and thus the lands–of the United States. The impact is best illustrated by the maps below. The Clean Water Act authority shown in the first map would be extended to the proposed Clean Water Restoration Act authority shown in the second map; essentially, a takeover of all land in the United States. This proposal has been in the works since at least October, 2006 when the second map was prepared for Rep. Oberstar by the Democratic staff of the Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure.

We are in the comment period. According to Doyel Shamley, state and federal representatives across the nation were informed of this proposal weeks ago. The deadline for comments is in 3-4 days. You are urged to contact your county, state, and federal representatives to determine what, if anything, they are doing about this. Here are the links: Click the link: “Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence” to download the report.!OpenDocument<>



Ultimately, Jurisdiction is the way to Defend Rural America.








Kirk MacKenzie  is the founder of Silent No More Publications; author of Money: Defending Your Prosperity, a book on our monetary system; producer of the YouTube videos How To Take Our Country Back and Why We Are In So Much Debt; and producer of the following documentary film on Siskiyou County’s fight to defend its people, communities, economy, and rights.


 Editor’s note: although Mr. MacKenzie obviously has a viewpoint, this information can be utilized by anyone to help learn about the issue.

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