Reflections on Inauguration Day and the March




By Naomi Fisher

President Trump’s speech gave me so much hope. Those were the words with which he started his campaign, i.e. Bring the Nation back to the people. Make it our country. Make us proud of it again. Give us work. Stop sending jobs overseas and leaving our people jobless and hungry. Stop spending our money on other countries, spend it here.

He also challenged the non-doers in Congress to start doing.

I pray his words will not fall on deaf congressional ears like President Obama’s did. I pray Congress will unite and stop the petty war between Democrats and Republicans that has been so devastating for We, The People. I pray Congress will realize they are being paid by us to further our health and welfare. Not destroy us.

While watching the Women’s March in Washington D.C. on CSPAN, several women who called in afterward did not seem to understand what the march was all about. I had to wonder, were their stations editing the march and its contents?

It’s possible because later, while addressing the CIA, President Trump stated that after his Inauguration he tuned to one station to watch a rerun. He said that newscast and reporter lied while showing an almost empty field and the reporter stated there were only about 250,000 people there. Yes, they did lie. I have to ask, why would any station broadcast such tripe? Surely they knew they would be found out.

Because the Inauguration I watched, the site was jammed with people, almost as far as one could see.

As to the Women’s March itself, I’m so sorry that back in the days of the suffragettes they did not have this kind of publicity. Just think where we women would be today if they had? We would still have the vote, but also have better health benefits, equal pay, equal standing in our Nation and, hopefully, have more options when facing immoral predators of the male gender. Not all men, mind you. Just the ones we have to constantly be on guard against.

One of the speakers pointed out a few of the injustices we face. For instance, that women’s sanitary supplies are being taxed but not men’s Viagra. Don’t know as yet if that is true but it was kind of funny.

I was gratified to hear another speaker say, and I’m paraphrasing, that she was speaking not only to the men of our Nation but to those in the Capitol’s administration. To put it in my words she said, “Stop preying on us.”

She also said, “We birthed Martin Luther King, Jr. We birthed Malcolm X. And, we birthed Jesus…we are Woman and we are sacred!” Amen, Sister. Amen.

Justice for All Women's March: Cspan

Justice for All Women’s March: CSPAN

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County


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