Removing “The Knee”: A Liberty-Minded Proposal



By Mike Smith

It should alarm us, the disproportionate rate at which Americans of African heritage kneel when the National Anthem is played at football games. This is the result of racist, profile-driven brainwashing—and the Left controls the public school governments.

So it is the Left who owes society an explanation for why so many black Americans are being conditioned to disrespect our anthem, our flag, and our heroes.

Meanwhile, as we wait for the real haters to explain their actions, the NFL and NCAA should both refuse to play the National Anthem while kneeling players emote in full view of all. If one player wants to take a knee, the whole team should be made to observe the National Anthem —in their own special way— away from live cameras.

If some players think disrespecting America is right, they can be “right” without a dog whistle platform.

Seriously: half of this problem will go away when the mainstream media opportunists can no longer feed the desires of the Colin Kaepernick types on the field. This ball —no pun intended— is in the hands of the NFL and NCAA higher-ups. And it’s up to us (not President Trump or “Congress”) to pressure them effectively.  Boycotts are a step in the right direction, yet more must be done.

The other half is also up to us, albeit will require more patience. We must effectively pressure public school officials to stop the Left-wing racial/ideological profiling of black students—especially in the Congressional black districts, where it is the worst.

The Left continues to mind-poison impressionable children trapped in its public school plantations. And they do only because this evil is not being met with real consequences. Meanwhile the Republican-held Congress sits idly by, doing nothing.

And also of course, we should stop tolerating the status of schools as legally-chartered government entities. We have a foundational American mandate to civilly disenfranchise, disassociate, defund and dissolve public schools (or failing that, their public unions). How much longer will we tolerate the racist, Left-wing mental slavery that engenders hatred for America in so many innocent young children?

Also, the Republican “help is on the way” shtick is a sham—no “help” is coming: it’s up to us. We are the help we’ve been calling for!

Hey Colin Kaepernicks of the world: if you like your knee, you can take your knee—without annoying the decent folks all around you. Why not kneel of your own free will —when appropriate— without the mind-forged handcuffs of “educators” who hate you!

Mike Smith is a writer, Millennial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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