Renounce Your Citizenship

By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views

The last time I checked, ‘Separate but equal” pertained to discriminatory laws against African Americans.  Segregated rest rooms, dining facilities, and use of public services (like riding in the back of the bus, those of color had to endure. This all changed, at least on paper with the monumental Supreme Court case Brown vs. the Board of Education in 1954 when Jim Crow laws were thrown out.

This is not entirely the case today. A new type of reverse discrimination has cropped up in our society. Undocumented residents AKA Illegal Aliens have become a protected class of people in California and other parts of the country where Sanctuary Cities are in place,  Case and point has been shown with the recent case of Jose B. in Northern California.

An ATV filled with landscaping equipment was found to be missing from equipment yard in a city parks department in Contra Costa County.  This information was routinely passed on to the police who put an All Points Bulletin (APB) out to officers concerning the theft of city property.

The following day a couple patrol officers found the missing vehicle and equipment (for which they had serial numbers) and arrested the occupant on suspicion of Felony auto and grand theft as the materials were valued over $ 10,000.00.  It would appear the Police had a strong case to send Contra County to prosecute this case.

This was not to be.  When the suspect revealed he was an undocumented resident AKA Illegal alien, all the charges were dropped and the perpetrator was released without even being issued a traffic ticket. While being cut loose the alleged thief apparently having been thru this process many times before, had the nerve to laugh at the police officers who had performed what amounted to a fool’s errand.

 When questioned about this, a high ranking police officer revealed that pursuing charges in this type of case is a waste of time because “undocumented” suspects were no longer prosecuted unless violence where people are sent to the hospital is involved. Even then exceptions are made most notably with spousal abuse.

Given the present environment in law enforcement, were I a career criminal, there would be an inclination to renounce US citizenship and receive what amounts to several free “Get out of Jail” cards. Welcome to the Sanctuary State of California where actual citizens are treated more harshly than those people who don’t have a legal right to live in California. 

This true story is not a work of fiction by a bunch of right wing crazies who are depicted as fascists by progressives who think anyone who opposes them are slime. Unfortunately, these tales are not seen in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, or the investigative teams that liter local news casts.  The bottom line is that the people of California are being scammed by Progressive do gooders who are threatening the safety of the entire community.

There are several issues which come up with the Sanctuary City movement and its effects on mixing politics with law enforcement.

  • If undocumented residents are treated differently than regular citizens in obeying the laws, what is the cost to the public for crimes they commit and are not caught? Keep in mind the dumbest of criminals don’t always get apprehended when they break the law
  • How are crime statistics affected when a large segment of the population is not prosecuted because of their immigration status?
  • By not being able to effectively deal known gang members until they commit violent felonies, are police officers able to effectively do their jobs?
  • In the new Brave World of California being a Sanctuary State, (The legislation has already been passed) where will the line be drawn in dealing with the criminal element that a percentage  of undocumented residents bring?

There should be an outcry from law enforcement agencies about the effects that the Sanctuary City crime wave has on the State. Unfortunately, left wing media outlets have used the time honored “a few bad apples” and “everybody does it arguments to rationalize that Sanctuary City laws in our State.  They go far beyond alienating the Trump administration and creating acrimony in Washington D.C.

A major piece of collateral damage that may not seem apparent to the casual observer is that the 1stamendment of the constitution may be suffering in the oppressive Sanctuary City environment.  Local Law enforcement, County Sheriffs, and even the Highway Patrol have become reluctant to speak out about how they deal with undocumented residents who get in trouble with the law.

As an example during the last month four interviews I had scheduled with the police were all canceled or the individuals suddenly were not available to speak with me.  Considering that these individuals are sympathetic to the pro law enforcement stance of California Political News & Views, why are these people shying away from us?

The answer came to me off the record by a high ranking police officer w ho said, “It’s not that we don’t want to speak with you or discuss the problems we have dealing with undocumented residents who break the law.  Everyone knows we’re hamstrung with politicians telling us how we should be treating these criminals who in most cases we have to let go.”

In addition many officers, especially in the sheriffs departments feel uncomfortable having to defy Federal law by not being able to turn over dangerous felons to ICE to be deported.  This separate but equal state of affairs makes a lot of people wearing blue to be most uncomfortable.

Even more troubling is that the pressure exerted on them by Sanctuary City  advocates has influenced  the majority of law enforcement officers to remain silent on this subject for fear of losing their jobs. Free Speech in the Golden State has not only become impaired on college campuses. Police officers must bite their tongues’ facing the risk of being demoted or ending up  FOB Sidewalk.

It is not difficult for conservatives  to say political correctness and Sanctuary City policies  are having  a negative effect on society.  The question is when or if those on the right will be able to articulate their views that might influence the outcome on election day.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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