Repeal the Gas Tax



By Colleen Bush            

Carl DeMaio’s Gas and Car Tax Initiative collected over 900,000 signatures which will place the initiative on the November 2018 ballot.  584,000 signature were required. 

The initiative will not only give the voters the chance to put more money back into their pockets, but will amend the CA constitution to disallow Sacramento from placing any future gas and car taxes on California’s citizens without a citizen vote.  You will hear a lot of negative press indicating the loss of money for our roads, but we know the money was already pegged for anything but the roads and is really going to Jerry’s Brown’s speed train to nowhere. 

We had already been paying $1.30 a gallon in taxes which was supposed to support the repair and rebuilding of our roads.  Where did all that money disappear to Mr. Brown?  Your car and gas tax not only raised the price of gas for our cars, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, it raised the price of food and any other commodity that required shipment. If you did or did not get the opportunity to sign the petition, please make sure you cast your vote in November. 

Carl is looking for a few small business owners that would be interested in doing an event with him in the next few weeks to raise money to combat the millions of negative ads that will be thrown by Jerry Brown. His email address is Their website is


Colleen Bush is a 36 year resident of Thousand Oaks and career in software development firms.

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