Sad Watching the GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes’ Meltdown



By Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views

It is very sad to watch a public figure meltdown and destroy their future.  It is even sadder to watch the public figure use the last remnants of his power to create a scorched Earth policy, killing all those around him and those he considers his enemies.  GOP Assembly Leader Chad Mayes has no one to blame for this situation other than himself.  Had he not gone back on his word not to raise taxes, if did not work with Democrat Speaker Rendon to raise gas taxes by 63 cents, increase government regulations and provide funds for the biggest boondoggle in history, the choo choo to no where, he would not be looking at losing his Leadership position and even his seat in the Assembly.

Many of you may know I love to play bridge.  So, as we say in bridge, lets’ review the bidding.

For many years the GOP brand has been one of limited government and lower taxes.  Periodically we lose our way and the brand gets tarnished.   Last year the CAGOP sent out a blast email, reminding the volunteers that the California Republican Party stands for low taxes, and limited government.  Now we had Assembly Leader Mayes vote for a massive tax increase and increase in government control of our families and businesses.  In the course of this action he did two things.

First he got six other Assembly members to vote with him to raise taxes.  After talking with folks in the North and on the Central Coast, this will cost Jordan Cunningham and Health Flora an opportunity to run for higher office.  If they tried, this vote will be used to show they can not be trusted.  Assemblyman Marc Steinorth who barely won his election in 2016—is now going to face both a Democrat opponent and an unenthusiastic conservative base who no longer trust him.

At the same time the GOP votes allowed Democrat Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva to vote NO on this, in an attempt to save her Orange County seat.  Mayes made it more difficult to return this seat to the GOP column.

Over twelve County GOP Chairs and Committees have asked for Mayes to step down.  Both the Orange County and Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs asked him to step down.  Even Ventura County, chaired by Mike Osborn who also serves as Chairman of the County Chairmans Association, voted overwhelmingly for Mayes to resign.

National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon and National Committeeman Shawn Steel have created a petition for CRP members and grassroots activist to sign, asking him to step down.  If you want to sign the petition, go here.

So how has Chad Mayes handled this?  Scorched earth policy is his policy.

Last week, without a formal vote of his Caucus, he notified the CRP that the Assembly Caucus was ending participation in the Joint Fundraising Agreement (JFA).  This is the long time fund raising effort that allows the Assembly, Senate and CRP to make just one phone call or ask of a donor, and all equally share in the proceeds.  If the JFA is ended, that means donors will get three phone calls and have to decide who to help and who not.   This will mean less money to keep Steinorth, and others in office, and make it more difficult to defeat Democrats.

Then, it was announced that Speaker Rendon threw Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez out of her office and shipped her to the office in the Capitol known as the “Dog house”, two small rooms, on the fifth floor, little more than a broom closet.  Since she did nothing to Rendon, what was Chad Mayes role in this?  Rendon also took away the Assemblywomans Vice-Chairmanship of a Committee—that is really a Mayes decision.

Let me review the bidding:

  1. Mayes votes to raise taxes and government regulations
  2. He harms the future careers of two Assembly members and may have caused the defeat in 2018 of another GOP member.
  3. Forced fellow CRP Board members to create a petition that has been written about to the general public, asking for CRP delegates and others to sign, asking him to resign his position.
  4. He harms all Republican candidates with the nullification of the JFA
  5. He punishes Assemblywoman Melendez—her crime? She resigned from his Leadership team because he harmed the Republican brand.  (Note both Vince Fong and Jay Obernolte were not punished—and they are trying to gather vote to replace him as Minority Leader—could it be a women problem or issue with Mayes?
  6. Forced Republican leaders statewide to demand he leave—without any County Committee or organization asking him to stay.
  7. Next week the Riverside Central Committee will vote on asking Mayes to resign—the Assemblyman has been invited to defend his vote. This is his home County.

My prediction:  The CRP Board is holding a meeting on August 18.  I guess he will resign before that meeting starts, since it is looking like there are more than enough votes to ask him to leave.  If the meeting has to be held, I am sure the vote will be by roll call-so all Board members have their position on Mayes recorded.  If he does resign, he will also make an announcement that he will not run for re-election.

Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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  1. William Hicks August 12, 2017 at 8:22 am

    When dealing with politicians there must be an understanding of what a california republican politician has become just like in Washington D.C., only more so.



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