Santa Paula Council: LAFCO, Seniors, Housing Authority, Spectrum, Committees

By Sheryl Hamlin


The March 5, 2018 Santa Paula Council Meeting reprised several items, the first of which was the LAFCO decision to remove Adams and Fagan Canyons from Santa Paula’s Sphere of Influence (SOI).

Bruce Dickenson spoke in Public Comments saying he felt the decision negatively affected Santa Paula’s future. He also said that not one property owner in Fagan Canyon knew about the agenda item. Recall that City Manager Rock had made a reference to LAFCO’s considering municipal service levels at a previous meeting.

Bruce Dickenson

Mr. Dickenson presented a letter to the council asking for a response in writing. He did not read the short letter, which asked the council to clarify the effect of this decision on his property. The city will respond.

It is noteworthy that the LAFCO report on municipal services (Santa-Paula-MSR-Resolution-2018-02-21reduced) states the following, which might have influenced the SOI decision:

LAFCO Muncipal Services February 21, 2018

Senior Advisory Committee

Based on an idea presented earlier by Measure T Commissioner Rose Chacon, the city is planning to reconceptualize the “Committee on Aging” into the Senior Advisory Committee. The original committee’s membership had waned in previous years. The new committee will be posted and interviews held.

Santa Paula Housing Authority

The expired terms of all members of the SPHA were discussed with respect to repopulating the committee. There are five applications now for the seven member committee, two of which are tenant members. Ramsey Jay, the Executive Director, said that six want to remain on the committee. The council will stagger the new terms.

Rick Araiza, a 37 year member of the SPHA commission, who had spoken previously on this item, spoke in comments reminding the council that the $1.9 million committed for the Citricos project (March 20th open house) was used as collateral for the permanent financing, essentially putting the city on notice that it was the City of Santa Paula who created this situation under a previous council and city manager.

Spectrum Refuses to Pay Bill

The city charges SPECTRUM a fee for doing business in the area. Spectrum is refusing to pay the bill to Santa Paula. Evidently they also refused to pay the bill to LA County. The city is rewriting the ordinance to strengthen language which should encourage them to pay the bill.

Mayoral Committees

At a previous meeting, there had been discussion about the mayoral committees. Council Member Crosswhite had not been selected for any mayoral sub-committees. Mayor Gherardi has reconfigured the appointments giving Council Member Crosswhite membership in the Santa Paula Unified School District sub-committee and the Recreation committee. There is still no pick for the Economic Development Subcommittee. Here is the link to the establishment of the committee.

To watch the meeting, click here.

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