SB 54 ‘Sanctuary State’ Removes section of California Health and Safety Code.



By Denise Pedrow

SB54, Section 4, REPEALS Section 11369 of the California Health and Safety Code.  This means that a MAJOR DETERANT to illegal criminals has been relaxed and removed from our laws.  Our law enforcement has one more law against them.  This repeal keeps our law enforcement from being able to do their jobs fully and protect the public.

By our Sheriff and City Councils remaining “Neutral” to SB 54, they are agreeing to the relaxing of our drug enforcement laws that are designed to protect the public. In a very real way, they now have been twisted to protect the illegal criminal.

Below are listed the Health and Safety Codes that are included in the REPEALED Section 11369: For your review.

California Health and Safety Codes:  Section 11369
When there is reason to believe that any person arrested for a violation of Section 11350 , 11351, 1351.5, 11352 , 11353 , 11355 , 11357 , 11359, 11360 , 11361 , 11363 , 11366 , 11368 or 11550 , may not be a citizen of the United States, the arresting agency shall notify the appropriate agency of the United States having charge of deportation matters.

Section 11350 – Prohibits possession of certain controlled substances without a valid prescription.

Section 11351 – Possession of drugs with the intent to sell them.

Section 11351.5 – Possession or purchase of cocaine base or crack with the intent to sell it.

Section 11352 – Prohibits selling or transport of drugs.

Section 11353 – Prohibits involving a minor in the sale, transport, give away, prep for sale drug business

Section 11355 – Prohibits selling “substitute substances” or FAKE drugs

Section 11357 – Prohibits possession of more than 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.

Section 11359 – Prohibits possession for sale of marijuana, except as otherwise provided by law.

Section 11360 – Prohibits selling, furnishing, administering, importing marijuana in California.

Section 11361 – Prohibits selling, furnishing, giving away, administering marijuana to a minor.

Section 11363 – Prohibits growing, selling, possessing peyote.

Section 11366 – Prohibits operating a place for the purpose of unlawfully selling or giving away drugs.

Section 11368 – Knowingly forging or possessing a fake or altered prescription for a controlled substance.

Section 11550 – Under the influence of a controlled substance.

Just so the public is clear about the threat that SB54 has brought to our community and state.

  • Public Safety is more at risk
  • SB 54 makes Law enforcement’s job more difficult and dangerous.
  • SB54 adds millions in new taxes on the public to pay for the extra law enforcement to search the communities for illegal criminals.
  • SB54 Relaxes and repeals drug laws designed to deter criminal drug activity.

Please call or email your local city, county and state representatives and tell them to take a stand against SB54!  The real threat is hidden on the last page of this law in the next-to-last section, Section 4. 

Denise Pedrow is a resident of Newbury Park, CA

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