Sea Captain rides bike across the country to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s


Snark in the Pacific

Snark in the Pacific

SOMEWHERE IN PENNSYLVANIA – Capt. Mark Waddington is nearing completion of his cross country bike ride from Long Beach California to Long Beach New York. Mr. Waddington, known to his friends as “Snark”, left his home city by bicycle to see the country slowly and raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association.

At the time of this writing Mr. Waddington has ridden for 65 days and hopes to complete his trip by the 24th of October. He is currently somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Along the way Mr. Waddington has traversed, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. As of this writing he is currently crossing Pennsylvania and plans to be in Harrisburg by October 13, 2015, and Philadelphia by October 17. He will reach New York, by way of New Jersey, on October 22, 2015.

Snark in Ohio

Snark in Ohio

This trip has brought many wonderful strangers into Mr. Waddington life. Just outside of Lisbon, Ohio, Mr. Waddington’s bike completely broke. He called Wayne Wallace at bike shop Lisbon Rail to Trail that he had visited earlier. Mr. Wallace drove 14 miles to pick him up and took one look at his bike and knew he couldn’t help. Although they are the largest Catrike shop in the world, their specialty did not provide them with the parts that Waddington needed.

“Well, I just knew if he had to wait for the parts he would have been here three days, so I called all the bike shops in the area and finally found one fifty miles away

Wayne Wallace

Wayne Wallace

in Warren, Ohio,” said Mr. Wallace. “But that’s just what we do, when people need help.”

“I took him another 50 miles north to Thumm’s Bike and Clock shop, hoping they could help,” says Wallace. “Everyone in that shop went to work immediately.”

“Thumm’s crew leaped on my bike like they were in the pit at a NASCAR Race,” says Waddington. They fixed his bike up with a new cassette, shifting cables, rear brake pads, rear derailer, and a drop down – “A miracle they even had that in stock!” said Waddington. “They also trued my back wheel and filled both wheels with Nitrogen. Who even new that was a thing? Apparently you lose 5-10 psi of air to unavoidable seepage every day. But nitrogen is a bigger atom so seeps slower. So what I thought would be a two or three day delay is done already!”

Thumm's Bike Shop

Thumm’s Bike Shop

He will finish his ride by dipping his tires in the Atlantic Ocean 3,500 miles after having dipped them in the Pacific Ocean. Captain Mark “Snark” Waddington has spent the last 16 years working for Catalina Island Marine Institute’s Tall Ship Expeditions, on the SSV Tole Mour, taking schoolchildren to sea on three, five and seven day voyages to learn about marine science and the ecosystems of the Channel Islands National Park.

Waddington has two new ways to raise money for Alzheimer’s. and He has also been regularly posting on his Facebook page. To make a contribution toward this effort, visit

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