Serving Up Stupidity With the Morning Coffee

by Phil Erwin

It used to be common in sunny Southern California for restaurants to post a simple decency rule: No Shoes, No Shirt – NO SERVICE!

That was back when people thought that cut-offs, tattoos and thongs – on the feet or elsewhere – should be viewed at the beach, not at the dinner table.

These days, suggesting one should adapt one’s appearance to suit the setting might get you a ticket to the Social Media doghouse. Today’s e-crowd thinks the only acceptable regulation of behavior is: Whatever they say it is – today.

The rules of society just aren’t very knowable anymore; they bend and twist and shift at lightning speed with social winds that we can’t see, can’t judge, and certainly can’t predict.

Consider the Oakland, California police sergeant introducing himself to businesses in his district – a kind of personal community outreach. He was, of course, wearing his uniform, complete with sidearm and other safety paraphernalia necessary to the proper and safe performance of his duties.

When the Sergeant walked into Hasta Muerte Coffee, one of the owner-managers took umbrage at the Sergeant’s appearance, claiming the officer represented a “threat” of some sort, and informed him that this public establishment had a policy of “asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves.” [My emphasis]

No, I’m not kidding. The police sergeant was asked to leave because, by his appearance, he represented a “threat” to the safety of the patrons.

Recently it’s come into vogue for people – including the world’s biggest has-been loser, Hillary Clinton – to claim that White people somehow represent threats to the public. You might guess this to be an example of a newly “acceptable” form of racial animus, White Prejudice. Not so. The sergeant is a Latino. Racial prejudice was not in play here.

No, this is an unmistakeable example of Stupid Prejudice: The owner-server is stupid enough to be prejudiced against the very people whose sworn professional duty is to protect this idiot, as well as his customers.

Perhaps the Sergeant shouldn’t have expected sanity, courtesy, professionalism in this particular establishment. The very name of the place translates to “Until Death Coffee.” You gotta wonder what sort of hallucinogen would prod the owners to so name a comfort-beverage business. Perhaps the psychedelic-Hispanic wall graffiti on the outside of the building suggests their state of mind.

But, No – the impetus isn’t acid; it’s bile. It’s pure, ill-informed hatred, borne no doubt of the Leftist, propagandist media deliberately playing up incidents of strife between police and non-White people, while deliberately ignoring/hiding the positive influences that police have on society: The tens of thousands of lives they save or protect from harm each year – to say nothing of the fact that they risk their very lives every day by the simple act of going to work.

As the local-news outlet East Bay Express explains:

That Hasta Muerte has chosen to take a stand against police officers shouldn’t be a surprise. The 4-month-old, Latinx– and cooperatively- owned cafe in East Oakland built its business model around resistance. It sells books focused on social justice and activism-oriented art prints. There’s a framed photo of a protester holding up a hand-drawn sign, “Police get away with murder.”

(Hardly surprising to encounter such anti-police sentiment in Oakland, once the stomping grounds of the Symbionese Liberation Army, the terrorist group which managed to convince hapless kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst to participate in a moronic bank robbery.)

The establishment’s very name, Hasta Muerte, is a re-tasking of a call to rebellious arms: Luchamos hasta la muerte! – “We fight until the Death!” – heard amongst Hispanic groups championing the fight against The Man; against the System.

Hasta Muerte Coffee is an establishment dedicated to the struggle against the rule of Law.

So why should the Law bother trying to protect them?

In years past, I would have judged this incident to be “unbelievable,” but these days the news is utterly filled with unbelievable nonsense:

  • Oakland’s mayor publicly warning criminals to Cheese it! The ICE cops are coming!
  • Cities and counties releasing illegal-immigrant criminals back into the community, rather than calling ICE to pick them up and deport them, and claiming it’s to protect the community!
  • Our Governor spending tax money California doesn’t have to hire the only US Attorney-General ever held in Contempt of Congress – specifically to help California defy Federal laws!
  • California’s Attorney-General suing the Federal government for working to enforce Federal immigration laws and enhance national security.
  • Teachers across the nation directing students to walk out of school and march in “solidarity” with those who were gunned down in Florida, protesting not the violence so much as the type of gun. (Do the kids get to ditch class and march in “solidarity” to protest cars when one of their own is mowed down by a drunken illegal immigrant? Or would they get detention for that?)

Out. Of. Control.

California’s elected officials are officially Out Of Control.

The Looney Left is absolutely Out Of Control.

The Lapdog Liberal Media is way, way Out Of Control.

FOX’s The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld put it this way: “I think they should declare Oakland a sanctuary city for police and see what happens – it would be like a cross between Lord of the Flies and Dawn of the Dead. Californians have to ask themselves: When is enough enough? You’ve got high unemployment, high welfare, high homelessness, high debt – You are Number One at being Number Two! Police officers are becoming janitors of human failure… [They] clean up after human filth left by the homeless population. Meanwhile, they have to act as social workers to coddled students on campus who need to be protected – from words! Police officers aren’t policing anymore – they’re taking care of an asylum!”

Welcome to Sanitorium Californium.

If I were that Sergeant, having been summarily “invited” out the door without so much as a cinnamon mocha or a caramel latte, I wouldn’t be particularly keen on the notion of “protecting and serving” the idiot that refused to serve me because of my uniform.

After all, the uniform is required by the employer. As is the firearm and related safety paraphernilia. Stuff used to, you know – protect people when the sh*t goes down. Which it does pretty often in Oakland, a place that’s chock-full of illegal immigrants, homeless folk, riff-raff and Leftist idiots – like the guy at Hasta Muerte.

If I were that sergeant’s Department, I’d be inclined to notify that owner-server and his crew that, since police officers were not welcome in his establishment, it would not be possible for us to protect those inside: Yessir. As you wish: No entry for us, no protection for you. So if you feel the need to call 9-1-1 – Don’t! Instead, maybe call your local Liberal Media outlet and ask them to come over and help out.

Then I’d come up with a colorful, eye-catching poster, maybe even employing their storefront motif, and use it to prominently, accurately announce:

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: These premises are NOT under the protection of the Oakland PD, inasmuch as the Police have been barred from entering the premises by the owners. Enjoy your coffee, and Have a nice day! But… Don’t call us if you need us. ‘Cause, like, you know – We can’t help you, because we CAN’T COME IN !!!

– Sincerely: the Oakland PD


I would post that beauty all around the establishment. Run it in the local Ad flyers. Post it on Facebook. Make certain all the prospective… patrons are well-informed.

Hasta Muerte. Until Death.

Just how long do you suppose that would be?

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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  1. William Hicks March 20, 2018 at 8:07 am

    Makes you kinda wonder if they would have offense at the Sergeant showing up if the establishment were being robbed.


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