Simi Valley | Minor Vehicle Code Violation Leads to Drugs/Weapon Charges.

Ryan Dale Newbert (

Simi Valley Police Department – Incident Press Release

UPDATE: In the previous community message, the identity of the arrestee was erroneously omitted. He was identified as Ryan Dale Newbert (1/28/84). His prior felony convictions include, 29800 a1 PC, felon with a firearm, 11378 HS, Possession of Narcotics for sale, 12022(c)PC, Possession of a narcotics with a firearm. 

On 7/6/18 at approximately 12:13 AM, a traffic stop was made by a Simi Valley patrol officer in the area of Madera Rd. and National Way. The violation?…4000(a)VC, expired registration. As the officer made contact with the driver, he was met with a strange comment. The driver stated, “Want to know a secret?” The driver then proceeded to tell the officer that he was in possession of illegal narcotics and a firearm. The subsequent investigation yielded the following. (1) .38 Special revolver with 99 rounds of ammunition; Over 2.5 oz. of Methamphetamine; (22) Xanax pills; (4) syringes and a scale. It was also learned that Newbert had a felony “Violation of Probation” arrest warrant. Newbert was arrested and booked for 11378 HS (Possession of narcotics for Sale), 11379 HS(Transportation of narcotics) , 29800 a 1 PC,(Felon with a firearm) and the felony warrant. Newbert was booked at the Ventura County Jail. 

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