Stroke of Luck – Or a Miracle from Heaven?



by Gail DeMario  

Whether one sees it as luck or a miracle, President Trump has the opportunity to appoint a second Justice to the Supreme Court.  And that’s where luck and/or miracles stop.  Once a candidate is chosen, it is up to the Senate to confirm his/her appointment to the Court.  Some people might think this will be a slam dunk, because the majority in the Senate are Republican.

But no!  Justice Kennedy had barely finished his retirement statement when the Republicans, Senate, House and pundits began arguing and threatening reasons not to confirm the President’s choice.  Once again Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot with the very guns they want to protect.

Now is the time for all good men (and Federation Women) to come to the aid of their country.

What was once a sentence for learning to type, is now a call to arms for the Republican Party and in turn the country that we love.  We Federated Women have the opportunity to lead the way to success through cooperation, coordination and volunteer work.  We must put aside the small differences in philosophy that we argued about all during (and even after) the election of President Trump.  I say “small” because what difference does it make in the long run if our President is a street fighter, outspoken and sometimes even crude?  He believes in the Constitution as it was written.  He believes that ultimate power is with the people, not government or even “czars” appointed rather than elected.  He believes we are (still) a sovereign nation with borders that must be enforced.  He will appoint a Justice who is a Constitutionalist, not an “interpreter” with an agenda.

Frankly, the most important wall we can build right now is a big, beautiful Red wall of Republican strength and cooperation.  We must support President Trump fully, and in order to do that we must get more Republicans elected to both the Senate and the House.  The Left is united in their agenda to take back the Senate, and to increase Democrats in the House.  They are out on buses registering voters all over the country.  They are hammering away at Independents and looking for people who haven’t voted previously.  They are electing avowed Socialists and nobody in the Democrat party is finding fault with the candidates they choose.

Now is the time.  We have the apparatus.  We just need enthusiasm, cooperation and the will to save our country by registering voters, organizing call centers, and walking precincts.  Now is not the time to find fault with and refuse to vote for a qualified Republican candidate.

Let’s work for Republican candidates, support President Trump and finish the agenda he laid out for us.  Let’s work together to Keep America Great.


Gail DeMario grew up in West Los Angeles, moved to the San Fernando Valley in 1981, and became a Republican with President Reagan.  She is a member of the Woodland Hills Republican Women Federated.  DeMario served as the Americanism Chair for a couple of years, which called for an article and a speech once a month.  She an active in the Federation, and plan on becoming more active for both the mid-term election and the 2020 election. 

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