Study: ‘Sanctuary’ Jurisdictions Risk $870 Million

Some 600 cities and counties — plus a handful of states — risk about $870 million in federal law enforcement grants as a result of “sanctuary” immigration policies, according to a study by a liberal-leaning think tank. The Center for American Progress, founded by former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, released the…

One Response to Study: ‘Sanctuary’ Jurisdictions Risk $870 Million

  1. William Hicks March 15, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    I wonder how the City of Oxnard is willing to lose in federal funds by openly becoming a “sanctuary city”?

    Will it be so little that it wouldn’t negatively affect the citizens that vote council members into office? Will it be an acceptable price to pay just to suck up to a special interest group? Or are illegals that important to the fiber of Oxnard?


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