Supervisor Foy announces he will not seek Re-election

Simi Valley, CA- Supervisor Peter Foy announced today that he will not seek re-election to a fourth term on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors. He is currently completing his third term and was sworn into office as the Ventura County Supervisor of the 4th District in January 2007. Moreover, he served as Chair of the Board in 2008 and 2013. His district includes Simi Valley, Moorpark, Santa Susanna Knolls, Box Canyon, Chatsworth Peak, Home Acres, Sinaloa Lake and Tierra Rejada Valley.

Foy stated, “I have been honored to serve the citizens of Ventura County for the last 11 years, and I am proud to make this announcement with the county in excellent fiscal shape- which includes a balanced budget and reserves at 13.5 percent.”

Since being elected to office, Supervisor Foy has brought a fresh perspective and an independent spirit to the Board of Supervisors. He strongly believes in smaller government and a more inclusive approach to public policy. Foy stated, “I fully recognize that government is not a business, however you can use business principles to bring efficiency and productivity to government which has always been my approach.”

During his tenure on the Board, Supervisor Foy has taken a great deal of pride in his accomplishments, some of which include:

            -Initiated a term-limit ordinance which placed a three-term or 12-year limit on a Supervisor’s time in office. The term limit ordinance known as Measure T was later placed on the ballot and passed overwhelmingly with almost 80% of voters in favor of enacting term limits. Even though Foy has the opportunity to run for one more term, he wants to keep his word to the voters who supported this measure.

            -Began a review of all non-mandated county commissions and advisory boards in an effort to cut staffing costs and increase efficiencies. This effort lead to several commissions and advisory boards being combined or eliminated.

             -Established the Highway 118 Safety Task Force bringing stakeholders together to increase the safety of the SR 118 through the city of Moorpark for motorists as well as California Highway Patrol employees who are performing increased truck inspections.

            -Championed increasing the County’s budget reserves or “rainy day fund” which now stands at over $136 million.

            -Formed a coalition of five cities and the county to provide “bridge funding” to prevent the East County Courthouse from closing, thus saving our local law enforcement officers from driving all the way to Ventura to attend traffic court- as well as preventing thousands of unnecessary traffic trips from east county residents traveling to Ventura for Small Claims and Traffic related matters.

            -Started a successful, volunteer-oriented effort to clean up graffiti on public properties in Moorpark entitled, “Taking Back Our Community.” This partnership between the County, City and Boy Scouts has been in place since 2008.

            -Recently completed a lease agreement with the County of Ventura and the Free Clinic of Simi Valley to provide a surplus county building to the Free Clinic for one-dollar a year to expand their medical and dental services to the area’s underserved as well as a one-stop location for a myriad of countywide non-profit agencies to expand into the east county area.

Supervisor Foy has also provided invaluable service by representing the Board of Supervisors on the Ventura County Retirement Board, Gold Coast Health Plan, VCMC Oversight Committee, Information Technology Committee, Financial Planning Committee, Ventura County Transportation Commission, and the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District.

Supervisor Foy turned down his county pension and medical benefits since the day he was sworn into office. “I have always been a big believer in the Jeffersonian philosophy that public office was to be a “public service” and not a means for self-enrichment. That is why I opted out of receiving a pension from the very beginning. My reason for seeking office was to be a Supervisor for all the residents of our County and to make our government more accountable to those we serve. I hope in some way that I have achieved that goal and now it is time for me to return to the private sector and give someone else a chance to leave their mark.” Foy said.

Supervisor Foy has lived in Simi Valley with his wife Tara and their four children since 1984. He is also the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Peter C. Foy and Associates, a leading insurance brokerage and consulting firm.

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