The Underwhelming Rally Against Expanding Foreign Worker Visas Greets The Underwhelmingly Attended Steve Knight Fundraiser

ColumnLogo-1By Greg Aprahamian

After supporters alerted me to a fundraiser that CA Rep. Steve Knight was holding in Simi Valley I decided to organize a rally to greet Rep. Steve Knight and his donors.  

In the 2015 Omnibus spending bill which was passed in December 2015,  Rep. Knight voted to expand the H2-B foreign worker visa program 400%,  which will deny jobs to,  or lay off 264,000 American workers.


Author participates in a protest outside of Knight’s fundraiser. “Drop your ass” refers to a threat that Knight made to a protester last year, which went “viral” on

Rep. Knight and most Republican lawmakers often criticize Democrat policies of wealth redistribution and label it socialist, and punishing to those that work and earn incomes.

What is the purpose of a 400% increase in H2-B foreign worker visas?

We are told that the vast majority of these foreign workers will come to the United States and work as truck drivers, construction workers, child care, and hotel and restaurant workers.  All for a fraction of what Americans earn in these fields.  

With these foreign worker visas we can clearly see a redistribution of wealth, away from the American worker and towards the American employers that hire the foreign workers and pockets the savings.  

On one hand we see the Republican Party and Politicians criticising Pres. Obama and the Democrat party philosophy of wealth redistribution, and labeling it socialist.   Then Paul Ryan, Steve Knight and the majority of Republicans in Congress vote to transfer the earnings of 264,000 blue collar American workers to foreign workers, and the difference in pay between the American worker and the lower cost foreign worker goes directly into the pockets of the employer.

Hows that for wealth redistribution?

After the Omnibus spending bill of 2015 we now know that the Republican party establishment  is only against wealth redistribution when it adversely affects the bank accounts of themselves and their donors (US Chamber of Commerce), and If somehow you thought that the Republicans in Congress really cared about the lives and incomes of American blue collar workers, this 400% increase in foreign worker visas should be very educational.

Paul Ryan and Republican party just told 264,000 blue collar American workers… You’re fired!

Friends, all I can say is  if this doesn’t cross the line for you…then you don’t have a line.

My response to the foreign worker visa increase:  Hold a rally outside my Reps. fundraiser,  and let him and his donors know that Americans are watching and we’re not okay with it.

Myself and two wonderful, dedicated individuals showed up to help get the message across.

Rep. Knight’s response:  Call in a militia of six police  and a police patrol of three unmarked police vehicles to guard against us.

We were actually honored that the Simi Valley Police Commander Joseph F. May helped guard against us in person.

I think that’s quite a militia to guard against two middle age working Dads and a Grandmother.

Interestingly though,  we quickly noticed that the attendance at Rep. Knight’s  fundraiser was rather anemic.  Our rough count of cars entering the fundraiser was maybe ten or twelve,  and that count is probably generous because it includes the vehicles of paid staff members.

The whole event seemed rather underwhelming considering the donors in attendance had access to the ears of two Republican Congressmen.

During the three person rally Rep. Knight came out to chat with the six gathered police officers, and we yelled “ Protect American Workers” and “Don’t expand Foreign worker visas”, and Steve Knight went back into the building,  shoulders drooping, feet dragging,  his body posture saying the fundraiser wasn’t a hit.

Our mission was to show up at the fundraiser and let the donors see our signs and let them and the Congressmen know that some Americans are not okay with expanding foreign worker visas.

Our mission was accomplished.

Until next time,

Greg Aprahamian

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2 Responses to The Underwhelming Rally Against Expanding Foreign Worker Visas Greets The Underwhelmingly Attended Steve Knight Fundraiser

  1. Bruce Boyer March 15, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Well stood up for Greg. PLEASE have such events posted up so that we can join you! If you let us know, take the lead, we will join you!
    The majority of the American peole support your position and many of us will stand up and fight!
    George has my permission to give you all of my contact info, I urge the rest of you readrers rto stand up as well. Lets show them a BIG reception the next time they want to parade around us. I have really BIG signs and loudspeakers!

    I have a fellow Patriot who has a mobile video system she brings, hey lets make it a BBQ!

  2. William "Bill" Hicks March 11, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    You’re correct Greg. Add to that the that come here without Visas by simply crossing our southern border and what does that do to those that are native born citizens?


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